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Scar Management

Scars are formed by the damage of the dermal layers. This can be caused by acne trauma or pigmentation. All scaring has the same collagen as the surrounding area but the composition of the scar is different to the surrounding normal tissue.

Normally Collagen fibres form bundles with a basket weave effect that gives tone and strength to the skin.

Scars differ from each other in the amount of collagen produced. Keloid scaring results from excessive stiff bundles of collagen which then block the regeneration of extending tissue which gives them a raised look.

There are several types of Acne scars; Rolling and Boxcar are types of sunken scars (atrophic scars), others may be Ice pick scars or Keloid scars. Pigmentation scars are not really a scar and will fade in time if treated, they usually result from the trauma caused by severe nodular acne or a skin condition e.g. Impetigo.

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