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Endymed™ 3Deep® RF

Discover Firmer Tighter Lifted Skin with Endymed™ 3 deep RF

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The Cosmex Clinic prides it selves on offering our patients the most advanced, evidence based treatments and have introduced EndyMed™ 3DEEP® Skin Tightening in June this year. Having recently been showcased at The Anti-Ageing Show at London Olympia and having celebrity fans including C4’s Dr. Dawn Harper, The Cosmex Clinic are delighted to be the only clinic in East Anglia to offer EndyMed™ 3DEEP® Skin Tightening.

Radiofrequency (RF) is a form of electromagnetic energy with a wavelength long enough to penetrate into the deeper parts of the skins dermis and hypo-dermis making it the technology of choice for lax skin on a wide variety of face and body tightening including; face, eyes, jowl, neck, décolleté upper arms and knees.

Skin is tightened and lifted by heating the fibroblast and collagen cells to sufficient levels and sufficient depths. Results are due to natural changes in the skin by stimulating the fibroblast and collagen cells. This can be enhanced with good evidenced based Endocare skin care, Heliocare UV protection and periodic treatments.

EndyMed™ 3DEEP® provides a focused and deep heating of the skin without pain with a sophisticated phase control which works to drive the RF energy deep into the target tissue in the skin, comfortably and safely.

Following a consultation and assessment your course of treatment normally consists of 6 sessions 1-2 weeks apart over an 8 week period. And review at 3 months.

What our patients say:

This is a warm relaxing experience like a heat lamp on my face. I was surprised how significant the results were, my jaw line looked immediately more defined. - A.C. from Cambridge

Quote number 2. - John Smith from Cambridge

How Endymed 3Deep Works


EndyMed™ unique 3DEEP® technology means RF will never be the same. State of the art medical device engineering has enabled multiple sources of electromagnetic energy to work simultaneously and in synergy in the skin delivering a controlled, focused and deep heating that results in predictable and excellent clinical skin tightening results. Importantly EndyMed™ 3DEEP® RF delivers these clinical results without pain or down-time and with an excellent safety profile for all skin tones and colours.


EndyMed™ 3DEEP® provides a focused and deep heating of the skin without pain. The 3DEEP® unique and patented technology has multiple electrodes, multiple RF sources and a sophisticated phase control which works to drive the RF energy deep into the target tissue in the skin, comfortably and safely.

Why Does Our Skin Need Tightening?


Our skin is tightened by a structure of collagen fibres in the dermis in a network of skin cells, fibres and blood capillaries. Below in the hypo-dermis or subcutaneous layer there is supporting fat tissue with strong and elastic collagen fibres, and the circulatory system.

As we age the collagen fibres break down and become less structured and elastic, and our repair and replacement of these becomes less efficient. External factors such as UV exposure and lifestyle can make this worse. This results in wrinkles and the changes in the deeper tissue lead to sagging often known as skin laxity.

Endymed 3Deep Radio Frequency System

In body areas, changes in and around fat cells in the hypodermis, where the supporting collagen fibres and circulatory system become impaired, lead to them becoming less compact and structured causing a raised and dimpled appearance of the skin, a problem known as cellulite.


Medical aesthetic practitioners and clinics normally use high specification devices certified as medical devices by a notified body in the EU and cleared by the FDA in the USA.

Also until EndyMed 3DEEP the technologies available had limitations; high level and relatively uncontrolled RF energy has been used to heat the target areas in the dermis and hypo-dermis but this can cause excessive heating in non-target areas. Technologies developed to control this can result in the RF energy being delivered too superficially in the skin. Both approaches can limit the efficacy and predicatability of treatments, cause pain, and increase safety risks.

EndyMed 3Deep was developed to overcome these issues and to enhance clinical outcomes and patient safety.

What is Skin Tightening with Radiofrequency


Radiofrequency (RF), a form of electromagnetic energy, is used in medical aesthetic procedures to transmit energy to the deep dermal and hypo-dermal areas of the skin, areas where other medical laser and light devices can not penetrate.

Endymed 3Deep Skin Diagram Endymed 3Deep Body Tightening HandpieceIf the RF is focused and sufficient in these areas it will cause the collagen to heat to a level where it will contract and start to tighten and lift the skin.

This immediate effect is then followed by the production of new collagen, which re-models and tightens naturally over time, producing an underlying natural firming, tightening and lifting of the skin.