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“I trust you, you make me look natural. I feel and look great. Thank you.” Caroline, Norfolk

“I’m a journalist and am surrounded by young people. They all compliment me on how good I look, thanks to you. They don’t know my real age!” Elizabeth, Cambridge

“I now wear lipstick; I never did before as I hated my lips. You have given me confidence at 50.” Susan, Cambridge

“You are the best. I have been to other places but you do just what I want. Thank you so much, I feel so good after seeing you.” Christine, London

“I had just gone through a divorce; I’m on the single circuit again and saw you on TV injecting a man. I feel so much better now when I go out, I think I look younger.” David, Cambridge

“I trust you 100% as I know you won’t change my face but will make me look natural and younger“ Valerie Brodie, Scotland

“My stretch marks are so much better I don’t feel embarrassed at the gym now” Cat Hunter, London

“I don’t smoke but hated those lines above my top lip they have almost gone now, thank you” F. Brown, Norfolk