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Lines Around the Mouth

(Botox; Skin Boosters; Dermal Fillers)

Lip Augmentation

The appearance of our lips is so important to us.  The facial expressions and message our lips can convey are unique to mankind.

Before and After - Lip Enhancement Cambridge

The ageing process has a visible effect on our lips. Our lips can become thinner. They can also lose hydration and definition; this however doesn’t have to be permanent. The lips can be enhanced, replenished and re-balanced, returning them to a more youthful state that looks both soft and natural.

To give you lips that look soft, natural and hydrated we use clinically evidenced HA lip products. This includes the Restylane, Emervel, Belotero and Juvederm lip ranges. We cannot give you large excessive lips if you have naturally small thin lips. We want to enhance, not change the natural you.

With these treatments your lips will receive the hydration, lip line definition and softness which no high street can provide.

Lack of Lip Volume

Thinning lips are a common reality of the aging process. Lip enhancement using Restylane’s Lip Volume or Emervale Lip which are soft fillers, result in fuller, plumper lips. and give a natural youthful look by supporting the underlying structure of your lips.

Lip definition is a lip enhancement technique using injectable fillers to create an improved vermilion border to better define the lip line and prevent lipstick bleeds.

Before and After - Lip Enhancement Cambridge

Lines Around the Mouth

Women have more lines around the mouth at an earlier age than men.  These peri oral lines are often called smokers lines and are caused by repeated lip muscle movement creating vertical lip lines around the mouth.
A contributing factor is that women have fewer sebaceous glands in the peri oral area than men, consequently the skin can become dehydrated resulting in more lines. Skin Booster treatments will naturally rehydrate this area.

Uneven Lips

Very few people have totally even lips. Uneven or asymmetrical lips are not going to change without a lip treatment to correct and enhance the balance.

Dry Lips

Our lips need hydration and protection from the elements ie the sun and cold weather as we have no sebaceous glands in our lips.
The Skin Boosters Restylane Lip Refresh product will naturally rehydrate your lips without giving excessive volume. This an excellent starting point if you are anxious about a lip treatment.