Acne Treatment Using the Muscle Relaxant Botulinium Toxin A (Botox)

I attended the annual FACE conference in June this year and was intrigued and impressed with a presentation for acne treatment using Botox off licence.

Acne Treatment Using Botox

Botulinum Toxin is used licenced to reduce dynamic muscle movement in the frown and crow’s feet area, reduce the onset of migraine and prevent the sweat glands producing in the axilla (arm pit).

In acne sufferers over productive sweat glands, plus a proliferation of cell turnover create a sticky plug. Bacteria thrive in this environment creating inflammation, acne breakouts or comedones.

Reducing facial acne by injecting very superficially just under the skin prevents the sweat glands from being active. Botox stops the production of sebum it also reduces the tiny pili muscles around pores therefore reducing pore size.

Experience and competence in injecting the face is very important as it is the skin not facial muscle that is targeted.

Treatment results with no acne or an isolated breakout appear to last from 6-8 months. I have introduced this treatment into the clinic with some very pleasing results.