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There's Still Time to Add Heliocare® to Your Holiday Checkist!

We're at the height of the holiday season, and whether you're jetting off or enjoying the glorious British summer there's one thing that should be top of your checklist.

Heliocare Sunscreen Range at Cosmex Clinic Cambridge

High-level sun protection is essential for you to safely enjoy the sun. Heliocare® not only provides protection against UVB, which burns the skin, it also protects against UVA which causes damage within the skin and prematurely ages it. On top of protecting you from harmful radiation Heliocare® also contains Fernblock®, an advanced anti-oxidant complex that prevents damage to our natural defences and the DNA in our skin cells. So it really is taking care of your skin both inside and out.

The Heliocare® range includes a large spray which is ideal for use on the body on holiday, as well as the Color range which gives all the protection you need combined with a light foundation. There really is a product to suit every need.

So this year, don't just protect your skin from short-term damage. Help to maintain its long-term health and appearance with Heliocare® - the essential UV and anti-oxidant skin protection range.

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