Specialist Skin Clinic Consultations

Cosmex are dying to tell you all about our new specialist skin clinic consultations!

Cosmex Clinic Skin Products

Our skin is on display every day of our lives. It communicates so much about us including indications of our age and well-being. Skin is also our primary barrier against external challenges, so not only is good skin health vital to appearance it is also very important to overall health.

Within the clinic we will now be introducing skin consultations combined with an advanced medigraded facial for all our patients. During this skin consultation, our specialist Aesthetic Nurse, Lou Sommereux, or our Aesthetician, Michaela Bowller will analyse your skin’s health, discuss your current skin care regime and any concerns you may have. Together we will formulate a bespoke treatment plan to restore your skin’s health.

The Cosmex medigrade facial will include a thorough cleanse, exfoliation and lymphatic drainage massage, which helps to oxygenate the blood, decongest the skin and stimulate cell renewal. We will use appropriate serums and moisturisers from the patented pharmaceutical Endocare range to provide the natural growth factor stimulation of skin fibroblasts and regeneration of the dermis.

To maintain and improve skin health and to reduce the impact on skin ageing we will complete your medigrade facial by applying the Heliocare all-year-round approach for UV protection. The Heliocare gels are non-greasy, invisible and give a sun-touched look without the risk of sun damage.

The medigrade facial will be tailor-made for you and together we will discuss the importance of home-care and how to protect your skin on a daily basis.

Cosmex Clinic believes in skin synergy and our treatments work together in optimum synergy to provide your skin with advanced evidence based products.