Pain Free Laser Hair Removal at Cosmex Clinic

We have had substantial requests to offer laser hair removal treatments in the clinic over the last year or two.  Now following our move in February this year and feeling very settled we have expanded out treatments and are able to offer the very latest in pain free laser hair removal .

 With advanced technology the latest generation of hair removal lasers use a cooled sapphire tip to ensure the skin surface remains cool at all times resulting in a treatment that is generally considered to be pain free.  In fact most people describe the treatment as a warm soothing feeling.

 How does Laser Hair removal work?

The laser beam is absorbed by the colour ( melanin) in the hair shaft of the hair follicle.  This heats the follicle to the point where it is destroyed without damaging the surrounding tissue since the surrounding skin contains less melanin and absorbs less of the light.   For this reason we would be unable to remove grey hair, which has little or no melanin and if you have very blonde hair with tanned skin, then it may be advisable to allow the tan to fade before treatment.  However with this latest type of laser we are able to treat all skin types as people with darker skin also tend to have darker hair. All of this will be explained in your initial consultation.

 How many Treatments Will I need?

For all new hair removal patients we will conduct an in depth consultation and patch test.  Then providing you are suitable for treatment we will normally recommend a course of 6 treatments 4-6 weeks apart.  If you have darker skin so that the difference in colour between your hair and your skin is reduced, it may be necessary to treat you more slowly which could result in the need for one or two more treatments. 

The reason why more than one treatment is required is that hair grows in phases and we are only able to treat hair that is in the active growth phase. 

Following the course of treatment it may be necessary to have a single maintenance treatment 1 – 3 years later, although if your hair growth is due to hormone activity then the follow up treatments will be more frequent.

 What do I do next for Treatment?

Contact us to make an appointment for a consultation with Lou Sommereux our Specialist Aesthetic Nurse.  She will take a tanning history and discuss any medication you are on.We will look at the areas to be treated and advise. ( note:  As a general rule we advise  -  no waxing, threading or epilatory creams within the 4 weeks prior to treatment.)  If you appear to be suitable for treatment we will conduct a patch test of a small area of skin.  Then providing there is no adverse reaction within 24 – 48 hours (depending upon skin type) we would be able to commence treatment

You will be given information about the possible treatment and information for care post treatment.

 Introductory Offer

Currently we have an Introductory Offer which is 30% off all laser hair removal treatment courses which include a complimentary free 6th treatment.  This offer ends December 22nd and treatments will need to be booked by this date.