Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT)

At Cosmex Clinic we use 3 flavours of PDT light each with very specific benefits.

Blue light at a wavelenght of 469nm has powerful anti-bacterial properties.  As such we use pdt blue as part of our holistic approach to treating active acne. Unlike some other PDT machines, the shape of the LED head is adjustable so that we can ensure close proximity of the light source to the target area, whether it is the face, neck or back.


PDT 633nm 640x480

Red light at 633nm reaches deeper into the skin and stimulates the circulation near the surface of the skin, which in turn stimulates the synthesis of collagen.  Even after one treatment the skin is refreshed and has a healthy glow.  There is no downtime and no risk of UV damage or burning.


The third active wavelength is 810nm in the near infra-red region of the spectrum.  This wavelength reaches even deeper into the skin than red 633nm and is beneficial for reducing inflammation and for accelerating the healing process.