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HydroMedi Treatments

The HydroMedi range offers you a multi action facial with many benefits including deep cleansing, exfoliation, nourishing, hydration and protection, to leave the skin looking fresh and youthful. This innovative system provides non-invasive facials which will produce immediate clear results every time. Each treatment can be personalised to meet the needs of your skin type and condition.

The combination of the suction, turbulence and specially formulated solutions reach down into the skin to unblock pores, remove blackheads, bacteria, spots and pustules, and generally remove pollutants and loose skin flakes. This is then followed by two further stages of treatment to hydrate and nourish the skin leaving it refreshed. There is no down time, no pain and all skin types can be treated.

Just wanted to write to thank you for all your help in making me look so good for my wedding day. The facial was amazing! My skin was glowing and it meant that I could wear minimal make up on the day just as I had wanted so I looked as natural as possible. The procedure couldn’t have been easier and I could see the results immediately, my skin looked and felt so clean and fresh. I will definitely have another one when I need that extra boost of radiance to my skin or need to look extra special for an occasion or event.

I attach a photo from the day. It all went off absolutely perfectly, we were blessed with beautiful weather and everyone had a really lovely time.

Many thanks again to you and your fab team at Cosmex



The first phase is standard for all treatments and uses a soothing non foaming cleanser specially formulated to be kind to the skin as it cleanses the surface of the skin and with the combined effect of the turbulence and suction at the surface of the skin prepares the skin for the following phases.


The Radiance Phase is common to all HydroMedi protocols and is a mild exfoliation phase to refresh and expose the skin’s natural radiance. We use Radiance 10 a mandelic acid based solution which is a natural acid derived from bitter almonds. It is gentle yet effective and has a number of key benefits:

  • It is an effective exfoliator which will gently dissolve the bonds that hold the dead skin cells to the surface of the skin, enabling the surface cells to be removed to reveal the healthier cells beneath. The newly revealed surface reflects light better making the skin appear more radiant and youthful
  • Mandelic acid has anti-bacterial properties
  • Softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lightens areas that have darkened due to sun damage
  • Causes significantly less redness, flaking and skin irritation than other chemical exfoliators
  • Particularly suitable for people with darkly pigmented or sensitive skin

Exfoliation And Extraction

The Exfoliation and Extraction phases are optional and can be adapted to suit the client’s specific skin type and condition. Youthful and healthy skin may require no more than the standard mild exfoliation of the Radiance phase.

Where there is a lack or radiance following the Radiance phase, or there is evidence of skin blemishes and/ or aging skin including:

  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Comedones – blackheads and whiteheads
  • Enlarged and blocked pores
  • Pustules
  • Hyper-pigmentation – age spots, freckles and melasma

Then the use of the deeper penetrating glycolic acid based Radiance 12, or the stronger Radiance 15, will penetrate deeper into the skin and help to gently remove further layers of the stratum corneum which will:

  • Further soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Expose and soften comedones and pustules to facilitate their removal
  • Glycolic acid suppresses the production of melanin to reduce the appearance of hyper-pigmentation. Please note that this is more effective on age spots, freckles and epidermal melasma. Melasma is often located in both the epidermis and dermis. The glycolic acid will not reach the dermis which will limit the results of the treatment for this type of melasma

Extraction is simply an extension of the exfoliation phase using a combination of the chemical action to release the outer cell bonds to the cells beneath, turbulence and suction from the HydroMedi and the mild abrasion caused by the HydroMedi treatment head. A feature of the HydroMedi is that the combined effects of the above enables each to be more gentle than if used in isolation.

Providing the use of Radiance 12 or 15 is followed by the Hydration and Protection phase within 5 – 10 minutes there is no need to neutralise.

Hydration and Protection

The Hydration and Protection solution used for this phase of the treatment contains a combination of:

Hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate the skin. Hyaluronic acid (HLA) helps to retain over a 1000 times its weight in water within the cells of the skin, making it an excellent moisturizer. No other biological substance can retain as much water as HLA resulting in increased smoothness, softening and decreased wrinkles.

Vitamin C – While vitamin C is an important nutrient for overall health, little reaches the skin when orally ingested. As levels of vitamin C in the skin decline with age, replenishing levels directly in the skin can help combat collagen degradation and oxidative stress. Results from clinical trials show that when applied topically, vitamin C promotes collagen formation and mitigates the effects of free radicals, helping to maintain firm and youthful skin.

Vitamin E – Works in conjunction with vitamin C to provide improved photoprotection

The addition of ferulic acid greatly extends the time period over which vitamins C and E provide protection

Vitamin B3 – Topical application of niacinamide will decrease pruritus (itching) and inflammation, help acne affected skin decrease oiliness, alleviate atopic dermatitis, decrease UV-induced skin cancers, and help decrease facial pigmentation.

Vitamin B5 – Helps to reduce acne by making the skin less oily and over time it can also reduce pore size.

LED Light Therapy (optional)

LED light therapy is an excellent complementary treatment that enhances the effects of the HydroMedi.

Blue light at 415nm – Is excellent for mopping up any remaining acne bacteria.

Red light at 633nm – Has been shown to be clinically beneficial in up-regulating mitochondria activity in cells by as much as 170%. This helps to increase the cell turnover and produces a smoother more youthful appearance.

It is important that the LED light therapy machine is able to deliver the energy over the entire area that has been treated and the flexibility and power of the DermaDeep is ideal for this.


After any skin treatment it is essential to protect the skin from damaging UV rays. We recommend the use of a broad spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen.

We also strongly recommend the continuing use of SkinVit the concentrated serum version of the Hydration and Protection phase solution.