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Pain Free Laser Hair Removal

Pain Free Laser Hair Removal Cambridge

Thankfully the science of aesthetics has produced a comparatively painless way to remove unwanted hair and as part of our commitment to excellence, Cosmex Clinic now has the most up to date laser hair removal technology, which uses advanced skin cooling to ensure your optimum comfort.

Older style laser machines can cause the surface of the skin to become uncomfortably hot . The latest technology used at the Cosmex Clinic has a micro-channel head with a cooled Sapphire window to ensure the surface of the skin is maintained at a comfortable temperature at all times; resulting in a treatment that is generally considered to be pain free. Most patients describe the experience as a warming of the skin that actually feels relaxing.

An additional benefit of this advanced technology is that we are able to treat all skin types and most hair types.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does “Pain Free” Laser Hair Removal Work?

When strong light is shone on the skin the energy in this light is absorbed by the components in the skin (e.g. Water and melanin). How much light is absorbed by each component depends upon the colour of the light as each component reacts differently.

For laser hair removal the light is tuned to a colour that is absorbed strongly by the melanin in the hair. This causes the hair in the active hair follicles to heat faster than the surrounding tissue which causes the hair follicle to be destroyed. Skin surface cooling also enables higher energy to be safely used, which further improves the effectiveness of the treatment.

Lighter skins with dark hairs respond well to laser treatment. The introduction of skin cooling has improved hair removal in darker skins and greatly decreased the risk of pigmentation changes that could occur with the older uncooled lasers.

Hair growth occurs in 4 stages, early hair growth -Early Anagen, active hair growth - Anagen, regression – Catagen, resting not growing - Telogen.

Laser energy is absorbed by the melanin in the growing hair (Anagen phase), one treatment will typically only remove 20to 25% of the total available hairs as the dormant hair follicles do not contain melanin and will therefore not be affected by the laser.

How many Treatments will I need?

There will initially be a comprehensive consultation during which we will:

  • Discuss your hair regrowth and your current hair removal history.
  • Assess your skin type and discuss your sun tanning history ie if you burn, tan easily or not.
  • We will ask you what if any medication you are taking.

The consultation appointment is very important to assess your suitability for treatment. We will also give you a patch test.

In order to ensure an effective amount of hair removal with minimal regrowth we recommend a course of six treatments. We will evaluate your hair regrowth which varies from person to person, however generally distance between treatments throughout the course can lengthen as hair growth becomes less.

Following this a maintenance treatment in 1 to 3 years although if the hair growth is caused by a hormonal condition treatment will required more frequently.

Why is Laser Hair Removal better than Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)?

There are many cases of misrepresentation on both sides of this argument. In reality the major difference is between old and new for both technologies. Both older style diode lasers and IPL machines will be slower, more painful and require greater skill from the operator if they are to avoid injury. They are also not suitable for the treatment of darker or tanned skins.

We strongly advise all patients to avoid treatment with either type of machine if that machine does not have skin cooling. There is no longer any need to suffer the pain or take the risk of injury when the latest machines are so very much better.

The argument about whether a cooled laser is better than a cooled IPL is more muted. An IPL machine is NOT a laser. A micro-channel head diode laser is the most consistent safe and reliable type of machine, which is why Cosmex Clinic has implemented this type of machine. Lasers can deliver more energy at a very specific colour which is more predictable. In order to compete with diode lasers the improvements in IPL have included the addition of radio frequency (RF) warming in conjunction with the IPL. The combination of IPL, RF and head cooling is often called E-LightTM.