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Preventing and treating stretch marks naturally!

Kelo-stretch™ features a unique dual formula to address the main causes of stretch mark formation, including weakened collagen and elasticity issues, by:

  • Stimulating fibroblasts’ collagen production
  • Restoring tissue firmness and skin elasticity
  • Improving skin appearance
Kelo-stretch cream

Stretch Marks: What are they and what causes them?

Stretch marks are a form of scarring caused by tearing of the dermis layer of the skin. They often occur as a result of rapid stretching of the skin during puberty, weight gain and pregnancy. They can also appear as a result of weight loss or hormonal disorder.

Kelo-stretch contains:

Highly purified extract of Centella Asiatica (TECA) 0.5% which stimulates collagen synthesis.

Sweet almond oil, which smooths, softens, moisturises and nourishes.

Shea butter, which is a natural source of vitamins A and E which moisturise and nourish.

How to use Kelo-stretch™

Kelo-stretch™ should be gently massaged into skin twice a day during pregnancy for the prevention of stretch marks, or applied twice a day for three months to reduce existing stretch marks.

Before and After: