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Essential Everday Protection for Your Skin

Protect your skin from UV and ageing damage with the clinically proven Heliocare®

  • High or very high level UVA and UVB protection with great skin-loving-gel formulations

  • Clinically and scientifically proven skin-specific anti-oxidant activity and dermal protection

  • Clinically proven anti-ageing protection from within with the Heliocare® Oral Capsule supplements

Heliocare Range

What is UV, Sun Damage and What are the Risks?

Whilst sunlight is essential for life, over-exposure and lack of protection from it is the greatest challenge facing our skin.

Sun or photo-damaged skin is characterised by lines and wrinkles, a lack of elasticity and tightness, areas of pigmentation, blemishes and a duller complexion. At its worst it can have areas affected by solar keratoses and skin cancers.

UVA makes up 95% of UV; it penetrates deep into the dermis and damages skin, even on cloudy days and in winter.

UVA accelerates ageing of the skin by triggering free radicals or Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) that damage collagen, elastin and the underlying skin architecture. Furthermore it can cause pigmentation problems, and most seriously UVA reduces the skins natural defence mechanisms also known as immunosuppression and damages DNA within skin cells, which can lead to skin cancer.

UVB only penetrates the upper epidermal layer of the skin and is more prevalent on sunny days and during the summer. It tans the skin but can rapidly cause reddening and burning. It can also trigger skin reactions and regular over exposure can lead to a thicker more “leathery” appearance of the skin. Most seriously UVB epidermal skin damage reduces the skins natural defence mechanisms also known as immunosuppression and damages DNA within skin cells and over exposure and lack of UVB protection has been demonstrated to be the most common cause of skin cancer.

Why is the Heliocare® Range Classed as Advanced and Clinically Proven?

The Heliocare® Advanced UV Protection range provides clinically advanced anti-ageing and skin-health protection & enhancement.

Fernblock is extracted from Polypodium leucotomos, a fern originating in Central America. Originally an aquatic plant,it adapted to life on land, developing its own natural protective mechanisms against UV radiation and it has been used for centuries in the treatment of dermatological conditions.

The power of nature has been combined with advances in science and following 12 years of research and clinical investigation conducted in conjunction with the Harvard Medical School and leading experts in the field of photoprotection, the patented P. Leucotomos extract known as Fernblock® Photoimmunoprotection Technology was created.

Fernblock® has been proven in extensive scientific and clinical studies published in peer review dermatology and scientific journals around the world to be a powerful natural skin-specific anti-oxidant and skin-protector & enhancer helping in the fight against UV

Heliocare Advanced SPF50 Gel

Heliocare® Advanced SPF50 Gel

Heliocare® Advanced SPF50 Gel has enabled professionals and consumers to change the way they think and approach all-year-round sun and UV protection.

The gel’s great to use skin-feel make it easy to include as part of a daily skincare regime while its expert formulation provides the high levels of UVB and UVA skin-ageing and skin-health protection desired.

Heliocare Advanced SPF50 Gel

Heliocare® Color Light or Brown SPF50 Gelcream

Heliocare® Advanced SPF50 Gelcream Colour provides the Heliocare high levels of skin-protection and a great to use skin-feel, with a skin tone enhancing bronzer, ideal for masking uneven areas of skin-tone and blemishes.

There are times when a touch of colour to the complexion can enhance the way we look and feel. Our NEW additions to the Heliocare range enhance colour and tone whilst providing the high levels of UVA and UVB skin-protection that is the benchmark of Heliocare.