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Protein Rich Vitamin A Skin Regenerating Serums

Fight the visible signs of ageing and sun-damage with CLINICALLY PROVEN Retriderm™.

What is Retriderm™?

Retriderm™ is a unique medi-grade retinol skincare formula. It is a protein rich Vitamin A skin regenerating serum applied at night.

Retriderm™ can significantly improve the appearance of skin hyper pigmentation, skin laxity and tightness, skin brightness, facial wrinkles including wrinkles around the eye and crow's feet.

  • Unique medigrade Retinol skincare formula

  • Clinically significant skin improvement possible after 4 weeks daily use

  • Two serum strengths for Vitamin A skin regenerating step-up skincare programme

  • Retriderm™ Retinol 0.5% Skin Serum - for more sensitive skin or skin with less age & sun damage, as step 1 in a Retriderm™ step-up programme.

  • Retriderm™ Retinol 1.0% Skin Serum - For more mature and sun damaged skin and as step 2 and ongoing treatment in a Retriderm™ step-up programme.