10% off Dermal Fillers?

Now is the perfect time to book in your dermal filler appointment, as we are offering 10% off all dermal filler appointments booked in the month of August 2018!

Dermal fillers can be used for the treatment of wrinkles, fine lines and volume loss. They can be used in the enhancement and definition of lips and cheeks, as well as hydration of the face, neck, hands and décolletage. They are also able to treat lines around the eyes (peri-orbital), and lines around the mouth (peri-oral).

How do they work?
As we age our skin loses its radiance and youthful appearance, gradually becoming thinner, dehydrated and less firm. This is partly because the molecule that provides hydration and structure to our skin – hyaluronic acid (HA), slows down with time.

The Cosmex Clinic only tends to use the HA dermal filler Restylane, as well over 30 million injections have been delivered world wide with a very high safety record.

How do I arrange an appointment?
To take advantage of our 10% dermal filler promotion, simply contact us on 01223 846363 or email  info@cosmexclinic.co.uk and mention the promotion.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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Terms and Conditions
Only for appointments booked in August, only for dermal fillers. Not transferable to a different modality of treatment.

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