Experts warn that forgetting to cleanse can cause premature ageing and skin irritation.

Dr Catherine Borysiewicz also reveals the importance of double cleansing.

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Sleeping in your make-up is a cardinal skincare sin, but do we really know what damage it’s doing to our faces when we forget to cleanse before bed?

Problems caused by leaving your cosmetics on for too long include eye infections, brittle lashes and rashes.

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You may slap on the SPF and keep yourself hydrated but still have tired and dowdy looking skin.

Leading skincare experts reveal the common mistakes that could be leading to dull looking skin, wrinkles and breakouts – but did you know that some small changes to your bedtime routine could make all the difference?

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We’ve all done it from time to time – gone straight to bed without taking your makeup off.

It’s not a big deal every so often, but if you aren’t cleaning your face most nights it can have a nasty effect on your skin.

You can develop infections and breakouts if you aren’t properly removing the day’s grime and makeup.

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bedtime routine

You have an extensive skincare routine, you’ve kicked your bad dietary habits, you’re drinking all the water – so why are you still waking up to sad-looking skin? Skincare experts reveal the common sleep habits that could make you look older.

The answer could lie in your bedtime habits, with leading skincare experts revealing the common mistakes that could be leading to breakouts, dull looking skin and wrinkles – these include unclean pillows contaminated with sweat, dead skin and old make-up.

Experts suggest adding a short massage, which improve circulation, to your nighttime skincare routine, sleeping on your back rather than your side, as well as swapping your cotton pillow case for a silk version.

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As Beyoncé turned 40 last weekend, we spoke to three leading skincare experts to get the lowdown on how Queen B manages to keep her skin so fabulous.

After more than two decades in the spotlight since her rise to fame in the 90s with pop group powerhouse Destiny’s Child, the self-described ‘independent woman’ has won nearly 25 Golden Globes.

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If you’re considering wrinkle reduction treatments in Cambridge but you’re not sure which is the right form of skin rejuvenation treatment for you, booking an appointment with the experts at Cosmex Clinic is a good start.

Research is most certainly power when it comes to choosing non-surgical cosmetic treatments and Clinical Director, Lou Sommereux, is a leading skin rejuvenation expert who can assess your needs and offer you a wrinkle reduction treatment that will give you the best results.

There are numerous treatments available designed to refresh the appearance of the skin both superficially and beneath the surface; the key is choosing the right treatment for your specific concerns with the help of an expert.

When it comes to treating lines and wrinkles on the face you may think that muscle relaxing injections or dermal fillers are your only options, but we offer several other types of treatments which could be beneficial in both the prevention and the relaxation of existing lines and wrinkles.

Skin tightening

Widely considered one of the most popular forms of skin rejuvenation treatment available in the UK today, skin tightening treatments are energy assisted and can help to smooth existing lines in areas of the face such as around the eyes and the mouth. They also help firm skin and contribute to a refreshed look.

Skin tightening can be used in combination with other forms of treatments to revitalise the skin, such as muscle relaxing injections or chemical skin peels, and some of the most requested forms of skin rejuvenation treatments at Cosmex Clinic in Cambridge. We use SkinTyte as well as other non surgical energy assisted devices to create a bespoke treatment plan.

Muscle relaxing injections

One of the most popular types of skin rejuvenation treatment in the western world, muscle relaxing injections are popular as a single treatment or as part of a more varied skin refreshment treatment plan.

Injected into areas such as the forehead, muscle relaxing treatments are not specifically used to correct existing lines and wrinkles but can be used to prevent further ageing signs from appearing.

Chemical skin peels

Unlike injectables and energy assisted treatments, chemical skin peels at the Cosmex Clinic are designed to improve the appearance of the skin both superficially and in some cases on a more deeper level. There are three types of chemical skin peel available – ranging from superficial to deep – and which one you are most suited to depends entirely on what skin concerns you are looking to improve.

It’s worth noting that chemical skin peels can also be used in combination with injectable skin rejuvenation treatments such as muscle relaxing injections. We assess the skin using our global approach to make sure the treatment you’re offered is bespoke to you.

Choosing Cosmex Clinic

The key to choosing the right treatment for your skin concerns is booking a consultation with an experienced medical healthcare professional who will be able to assess your individual needs and design a treatment plan which will hopefully provide you with the results you have been looking for.

For more information on skin tightening, chemical skin peels, or muscle relaxing injections, book a consultation today. Lou Sommereux treats both male and female patients at Cosmex Clinic from across Cambridge. Contact us for more information or visit the treatment pages for further guidance.

a woman having a skin rejuvenation consultation

Before undergoing any form of at our clinic in Cambridge it’s important to know what to expect from a skin rejuvenation consultation. At Cosmex Clinic, we appreciate it may be a little daunting to undergo treatments to refresh the face and how you feel about your appearance – but it needn’t be.

Whether you decide to rejuvenate your skin with skin tightening treatments, or you want to improve the appearance of facial lines with one of the variety of injectables on offer; the medic-led team at Cosmex Clinic will be on hand so you’re fully aware of what to expect from your consultation.

Here’s some questions and tips when seeking a skin rejuvenation consultation. Contact us if you wish to know more information.

Is this particular skin rejuvenation treatment right for you?

To understand what to expect from your consultation, it’s helpful to do a little research prior to both deciding on your treatment and booking the appointment at our clinic.

It’s helpful to have an idea of what you believe your specific areas of concern to be, and to have a rough idea of what the type of treatment you want will cost. Is it affordable? Will it improve how you feel about your appearance? The goal is always to enhance and bring out the best in you; not to change you.

During the consultation, we will take on board your aesthetic concerns and your aspirations, and then tailor a skin rejuvenation treatment plan to address your needs. No one size fits all approaches – just a bespoke plan for you.

This may include offering a different form of treatment from what you initially expected (e.g. you may require dermal fillers to improve facial volume, rather than muscle relaxing injections which will likely only prevent new lines from forming) or a combination of several non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments to get the best, most natural result.

Ask questions and take the time to know your options

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you want to know how many years your chosen medical expert has been performing a treatment – just ask.

If you’re feeling confused or nervous about any part of a skin rejuvenation treatment make sure you speak up – the consultation is not just about meeting your aesthetic expert; it’s about your satisfaction and happiness in the long term.

Recovery and results

Don’t forget to ask about the recovery times, as you’ll need to factor this into your decision making process. Perhaps explain why you are considering a specific treatment, to allow your aesthetic expert to tailor your treatment plan further and take into account your lifestyle.

Remember you can ask about the results in advance – how long will they last; will you need top-up treatments to maintain the results. While each patient is different and results vary, your practitioner will be able to guide you.

Wrinkle relaxing injections, for example, are great at keeping lines and wrinkles at bay as a skin rejuvenation treatment, but if you want to maintain the look it’s not a one-off process. You’ll require repeat treatments every 3-6 months.

Risks and rewards

Why not ask about the risks and the rewards of treatments such as dermal fillers or chemical skin peels? Non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments, for example, are relatively low risk compared to surgical alternatives, but as with all cosmetic treatments there are some risks and side effects you should take into consideration.

Always ask about the associated risks with your chosen skin rejuvenation treatment and go away to think it over – go with your gut instinct. If you don’t feel that particular skin rejuvenation treatment is right for you, after a consultation, you aren’t obliged to undergo it.

Your safety is the most important thing

Booking a skin rejuvenation consultation with Cosmex Clinic couldn’t be easier – take a look at the contact us page and familiarise yourself with treatments on the pages above. We are always on hand to offer impartial advice and guidance every step of the way on your journey.

man holding his face after skin rejuvenation treatment

Now more than ever the team at Cosmex Clinic are being asked about skin rejuvenation treatments for men. With lockdown now over and life returning to normal, we’re seeing more and more patients that wish to undergo aesthetic treatments; most notably we’ve seen an increase in male patients seeking our help.

The days of it only being women looking to refresh and rejuvenate the skin are in the past, and 2021 has been a busy year so far for us at the clinic, as we welcome new patients including men. That trend looks set to continue as we approach autumn and our clinic fills up with men (and women) looking to look and feel more rejuvenated.

Why are more men seeking non surgical skin rejuvenation treatments?

We’ve always welcomed male patients at our medical aesthetics clinic here in Cambridge but we’ve seen a rise in men seeking treatments for a range of issues, from lines and skin laxity to unwanted hair or tattoos.

A large part of why skin rejuvenation treatments for men are on the rise is down to acceptability, with self care and wellbeing being a growing trend across the UK.

What treatments can men undergo at Cosmex Clinic?

We offer most of the same treatments to our male patients as we do our female patients. Popular skin rejuvenation treatments for men include muscle relaxing injections, skin tightening, hydrating facials, dermal fillers and chemical peels. We also have a range of skin rejuvenation treatments for the body for concerns such as unwanted tattoos, or laser hair removal which is becoming increasingly popular among our male patients.

Is this the right clinic for me?

The key is a thorough consultation to make sure you have a tailored treatment plan, and a holistic, well rounded approach to your care plan. We’re a medical clinic and we take patient wellbeing and safety very seriously – you’ll only be offered treatments that are suitable for you personally. We base this on age, facial anatomy, skin type/indications and various factors; this ensures you get the treatment (or combination of treatments) that’s best for your bespoke needs. We don’t offer a blanket approach – we get to know all of our patients and we work to ensure your care plan is tailored to you.

Are skin rejuvenation treatments right for you?

Which treatments you want or require is entirely dependent on your concerns and what you hope to achieve in undergoing skin rejuvenation treatments for men. From hydrating Profhilo or muscle relaxing injections, to energy-assisted skin tightening treatments or hair removal; there’s something to suit most clients looking for advanced skin rejuvenation without cosmetic surgery or invasive procedures.

Get in touch

If you would like to know more about any of the skin rejuvenation treatments for men we have available, or you wish to book a consultation, please contact us. Our reception team will guide you and offer information to help you start your journey with Cosmex Clinic. Find out more about the non-surgical cosmetic treatments we have available for men here.


close up of a wrinkle on a womans face

There are numerous reasons why a patient may seek wrinkle reduction treatments – mainly because these skin rejuvenation treatments offer such diverse results.

Whether you’re a man or women, 35 or 65; chances are there is a non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatment available that can help to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles from the face, improve your skin firmness and even reduce pigmentation.

Natural looking results

One of the main benefits of choosing non-surgical skin boosting treatments – such as muscle relaxing injections, dermal fillers and chemical skin peels – is that in the hands of a top nurse prescriber like our Clinical Director Lou Sommereux they offer excellent natural looking results.

Unlike invasive cosmetic surgery procedures (such as facelift surgery) to reduce the appearance facial lines and skin laxity, non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments offer subtle results, which can help to refresh both the patient’s appearance and self-esteem in a more natural, holistic way.

Versatility of wrinkle reduction treatments

The undoubtable popularity of non-surgical skin boosting treatments is their versatility. Whether used as individual skin rejuvenation treatments or as part of a combination therapy using multiple treatments, non-invasive anti-ageing treatments can offer clients a variety of uses.

For example, injectables can not only be used to smooth wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, but also to improve the volume of the cheeks or lips. It’s this versatility that makes them one of the most popular forms of non-surgical cosmetic treatments at Cosmex Clinic.

Longevity of skin rejuvenation treatments

Far from offering results that simply last week or two, most non-surgical treatments we have available can provide clients with short to mid-term solutions to variety of skin concerns and the effects of aging on the skin, such as laxity and volume loss.

With muscle relaxing injections lasting around 3-6 months and dermal filler injections are staying anywhere between 9-12 months onwards, the benefits of facial rejuvenation treatments exceed patient expectations more often than not.

Although follow-up treatments are required to maintain the rejuvenated result, most patients at Cosmex Clinic feel that this is a fair trade for non-surgical anti-ageing treatments which in some cases can rival that of the surgical counterparts. Why choose a face surgery when you can have a non-surgical facelift alternative?

Safety is key

There is no getting away from the fact that surgical procedures like the facelift – whilst offering a long-term solution to ageing concerns – are invasive, can be painful, and often involve long periods of recovery time and extensive bruising before the final result can be seen. Contrastingly, non-surgical wrinkle reduction treatments are considered minimally-invasive and (comparatively to surgical options such as facelift) are relatively low risk and offer lower complication rates.

In most cases a day or two recovery time is all that is required, although this does depend on the type of facial rejuvenation treatment or combination therapy (we call this the global approach) you choose to undergo. Before you choose to undergo any form of cosmetic treatment at the clinic you will be given full information during a consultation on the risks, recovery and side effects which may be associated with your chosen treatments.

Contacting Cosmex Clinic

Information can be found on our treatment pages or if you wish to book a consultation please contact a member of the reception team who will be delighted to assist you.