We are pleased to announce that our team here at Cosmex Clinic is growing and we couldn’t be more excited. Please join us in welcoming Samantha Llewellyn and Ewelina Wojtala to the clinic.

Samantha Llewellyn joins us as an Aesthetic Practitioner, and Ewelina Wojtala as our Aesthetic Pharmacist.

Their breadth of knowledge and individual skills will be integral to the clinic’s development plans, and will help us to continue providing the same, unparalleled service you expect from Cosmex Clinic.

With over 26 years in the industry, Samantha is extremely passionate and confident across a range of treatments and energy-based devices.

Upon joining the team, Samantha commented: “I am thrilled to be joining the team here at Cosmex Clinic. I have worked in the Beauty and Medical Aesthetics industry for over 26 years, and I am extremely passionate in ensuring my clients feel good about how they look, and know they are in expert hands.

“Over the years, I have worked with many different energy-based machines, and I am extremely confident and knowledgeable in a range of skincare treatments that I can’t wait to share with my patients; to help them achieve their desired results.”

Lou Sommereux, Clinical Director at Cosmex Clinic says: “We are absolutely delighted that Samantha is joining the team. Her extensive experience and knowledge will be integral to the continuing development and expansion of the clinic. Together, I look forward to developing our patient treatment plans across energy-based machines, injectables and skin health to ensure the best outcomes for all of our patients.”

Ewelina Wojtala brings with her a wealth of industry qualifications, including an MPharm and PGDip in Injectable Therapies. Before moving into the world of Aesthetics, Ewelina was a successful community pharmacist, and is passionate about helping patients be the best version of themselves.

Ewelina comments: “I have always been passionate about aesthetics and graduated from the Medical and Aesthetic Training Academy at Harley Street London. I am now delivering a variety of anti-ageing injectable therapies to help restore and rejuvenate patient’s skin. I have always strived to support my patients on their own skincare journeys and help them to feel the most youthful and beautiful version of themselves.”

Lou adds: “Ewelina brings with her a wealth of professional knowledge and skills. Her patient-centric mindset and commitment to studying in non-surgical aesthetics will help us further develop our offerings here at Cosmex Clinic – Ewelina will develop her competencies in a varied learning and mentoring environment whilst she continues to study for her prescribing qualification.”

At Cosmex we have big plans in motion for 2022, and the strengthening of our team here will help us to achieve that, whilst continuing to provide the best service possible for all of our patients. Please see the treatment pages for more information about the services we have available.

Cosmex Skincare

Cosmex Clinic, the leading Aesthetic Clinic in Cambridge has launched a luxury skincare range with clinically proven effects.  All of the new Cosmex Skincare products are available exclusively from the clinic in Trumpington, Cambridge and have been specifically developed to bring you clinically proven ingredients, to help you improve your skin health and maintain a healthy and fresh appearance.

As we age we lose moisture and elasticity in our skin which causes wrinkles and other signs of ageing to appear. Cosmex Skincare rehydrates skin with a series of clinically proven ingredients. It includes light weight non-oily hydrators and skin revitalising serums to stimulate collagen and elastin, whilst helping skin to repair and renew more rapidly.

The collection has been developed with your daily skin health needs in mind and will help refine pores and minimise fine lines and wrinkles as well as address any pigmentation issues.

Lou Sommereux, Clinic Director at Cosmex Clinic for the past 17 years decided to develop the skincare range because she is passionate about skin health and was tired of seeing products that simply didn’t address her patients concerns fully.

Book a Skin Consultation today to find out more about the Cosmex Skincare range: www.cosmexclinic.co.uk/book-appointment-consultation

The products in the range are:

  • Lift – Next Generation Neck and Decolletage Firming Cream

  • Illuminate – Skin Brightening Serum

  • H2 – Endurance Moisturiser

  • Glow – Exfoliator

  • C20 – Maximum Strength Vitamin C Serum

  • Hydrate – Hyaluronic Acid Serum

  • Recover – Active Night Cream

  • Refine – Intensive Eye Serum

  • R+ – 1% Liposomal Retinol Serum

  • Prepare –  Soothing Natural Daily Cleanser

  • Reveal – Glycolic Wash

Cosmex Clinic is a multi-award winning aesthetic clinic in Cambridge offering Anti-Wrinkle Injections, Lip Fillers, Dermal Filler and Skin Rejuvenation, and Laser Treatments.

If you’re considering wrinkle reduction treatments in Cambridge but you’re not sure which is the right form of skin rejuvenation treatment for you, booking an appointment with the experts at Cosmex Clinic is a good start.

Research is most certainly power when it comes to choosing non-surgical cosmetic treatments and Clinical Director, Lou Sommereux, is a leading skin rejuvenation expert who can assess your needs and offer you a wrinkle reduction treatment that will give you the best results.

There are numerous treatments available designed to refresh the appearance of the skin both superficially and beneath the surface; the key is choosing the right treatment for your specific concerns with the help of an expert.

When it comes to treating lines and wrinkles on the face you may think that muscle relaxing injections or dermal fillers are your only options, but we offer several other types of treatments which could be beneficial in both the prevention and the relaxation of existing lines and wrinkles.

Skin tightening

Widely considered one of the most popular forms of skin rejuvenation treatment available in the UK today, skin tightening treatments are energy assisted and can help to smooth existing lines in areas of the face such as around the eyes and the mouth. They also help firm skin and contribute to a refreshed look.

Skin tightening can be used in combination with other forms of treatments to revitalise the skin, such as muscle relaxing injections or chemical skin peels, and some of the most requested forms of skin rejuvenation treatments at Cosmex Clinic in Cambridge. We use SkinTyte as well as other non surgical energy assisted devices to create a bespoke treatment plan.

Muscle relaxing injections

One of the most popular types of skin rejuvenation treatment in the western world, muscle relaxing injections are popular as a single treatment or as part of a more varied skin refreshment treatment plan.

Injected into areas such as the forehead, muscle relaxing treatments are not specifically used to correct existing lines and wrinkles but can be used to prevent further ageing signs from appearing.

Chemical skin peels

Unlike injectables and energy assisted treatments, chemical skin peels at the Cosmex Clinic are designed to improve the appearance of the skin both superficially and in some cases on a more deeper level. There are three types of chemical skin peel available – ranging from superficial to deep – and which one you are most suited to depends entirely on what skin concerns you are looking to improve.

It’s worth noting that chemical skin peels can also be used in combination with injectable skin rejuvenation treatments such as muscle relaxing injections. We assess the skin using our global approach to make sure the treatment you’re offered is bespoke to you.

Choosing Cosmex Clinic

The key to choosing the right treatment for your skin concerns is booking a consultation with an experienced medical healthcare professional who will be able to assess your individual needs and design a treatment plan which will hopefully provide you with the results you have been looking for.

For more information on skin tightening, chemical skin peels, or muscle relaxing injections, book a consultation today. Lou Sommereux treats both male and female patients at Cosmex Clinic from across Cambridge. Contact us for more information or visit the treatment pages for further guidance.

a woman having a skin rejuvenation consultation

Before undergoing any form of at our clinic in Cambridge it’s important to know what to expect from a skin rejuvenation consultation. At Cosmex Clinic, we appreciate it may be a little daunting to undergo treatments to refresh the face and how you feel about your appearance – but it needn’t be.

Whether you decide to rejuvenate your skin with skin tightening treatments, or you want to improve the appearance of facial lines with one of the variety of injectables on offer; the medic-led team at Cosmex Clinic will be on hand so you’re fully aware of what to expect from your consultation.

Here’s some questions and tips when seeking a skin rejuvenation consultation. Contact us if you wish to know more information.

Is this particular skin rejuvenation treatment right for you?

To understand what to expect from your consultation, it’s helpful to do a little research prior to both deciding on your treatment and booking the appointment at our clinic.

It’s helpful to have an idea of what you believe your specific areas of concern to be, and to have a rough idea of what the type of treatment you want will cost. Is it affordable? Will it improve how you feel about your appearance? The goal is always to enhance and bring out the best in you; not to change you.

During the consultation, we will take on board your aesthetic concerns and your aspirations, and then tailor a skin rejuvenation treatment plan to address your needs. No one size fits all approaches – just a bespoke plan for you.

This may include offering a different form of treatment from what you initially expected (e.g. you may require dermal fillers to improve facial volume, rather than muscle relaxing injections which will likely only prevent new lines from forming) or a combination of several non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments to get the best, most natural result.

Ask questions and take the time to know your options

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you want to know how many years your chosen medical expert has been performing a treatment – just ask.

If you’re feeling confused or nervous about any part of a skin rejuvenation treatment make sure you speak up – the consultation is not just about meeting your aesthetic expert; it’s about your satisfaction and happiness in the long term.

Recovery and results

Don’t forget to ask about the recovery times, as you’ll need to factor this into your decision making process. Perhaps explain why you are considering a specific treatment, to allow your aesthetic expert to tailor your treatment plan further and take into account your lifestyle.

Remember you can ask about the results in advance – how long will they last; will you need top-up treatments to maintain the results. While each patient is different and results vary, your practitioner will be able to guide you.

Wrinkle relaxing injections, for example, are great at keeping lines and wrinkles at bay as a skin rejuvenation treatment, but if you want to maintain the look it’s not a one-off process. You’ll require repeat treatments every 3-6 months.

Risks and rewards

Why not ask about the risks and the rewards of treatments such as dermal fillers or chemical skin peels? Non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments, for example, are relatively low risk compared to surgical alternatives, but as with all cosmetic treatments there are some risks and side effects you should take into consideration.

Always ask about the associated risks with your chosen skin rejuvenation treatment and go away to think it over – go with your gut instinct. If you don’t feel that particular skin rejuvenation treatment is right for you, after a consultation, you aren’t obliged to undergo it.

Your safety is the most important thing

Booking a skin rejuvenation consultation with Cosmex Clinic couldn’t be easier – take a look at the contact us page and familiarise yourself with treatments on the pages above. We are always on hand to offer impartial advice and guidance every step of the way on your journey.

Cosmex Clinic is proudly now CQC registered

Great news from Cosmex Clinic today, as we can reveal we are now CQC registered.

Part of our on-going pursuit to offer our patients the very best standards of care, our application and subsequent registration with the Care Quality Commission is a vital step forward for Cosmex Clinic.

The CQC is the independent regulator of health and social care in England – they inspect, monitor and regulate services like ours to ensure they meet the fundamental standards of quality and safety.

This allows you – the patient – to make an informed choice when it comes to undergoing cosmetic and aesthetic treatments, as well as health treatments pertaining to weight loss and more.

As part of this registration, potential patients will be able to search the CQC database to find inspection reports, contact details and services.

As a result of our new CQC registration we will now be able to offer weight loss treatments, and will be inviting other third party medical practitioners to add to the range of treatments available from Cosmex Clinic.

It’s a very exciting period of change and growth for our clinic and we look forward to welcoming more patients, old and new, through the doors in coming months.

Clinical Director Lou Sommereux, who launched Cosmex Clinic back in 2002, says the registration success a momentous milestone for everyone who works at the clinic, as well as what it will bring moving forward.

“We are proud to be leading the way in Cambridge for safe and regulated aesthetic and medical treatments. Gaining CQC registration helps us to offer an even more diverse selection of treatments to our patients, while also ensuring they understand they’re receiving the best in medical care.

“As a leading clinic in the region, we know our patients expect a high-quality service, and we hope this added accreditation provides confidence and reassurance that we are proudly operating to the highest of medical standards.”

If you have any questions or wish to know anything specific about the treatments we have available, please contact the reception team who will be delighted to assist you.

Don’t forget to follow our social media channels in order to keep up to date with the latest new treatments, offers and news from Cosmex Clinic. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Our latest news and features can be found on the blog pages. Click here to see the latest blog post.


skin rejuvenation treatments

Undergo summer skin rejuvenation treatments that offer natural results

When patients are seeking summer skin rejuvenation treatments, one of the most requested aspects of their treatment is natural-looking results. The days of overfilled cheeks and lips are finally on the decline, and most patients visiting Cosmex Clinic are seeking non-surgical skin rejuvenation changes which have their loved ones telling them how well and rested they appear, rather than asking what anti-ageing treatments they’ve had done.

The phrase “less is more” is most definitely true when it comes to non-surgical anti-ageing treatments. Natural looking skin rejuvenation results are something our medical aesthetic health practitioners are keen to ensure at every possible junction, and you can be sure that undergoing aesthetic treatments, such as muscle relaxing injections, dermal fillers or chemical skin peels will be a positive experience.

Choosing summer skin rejuvenation treatments

Our patients are more savvy than ever when it comes to choosing the best skin rejuvenation treatments for their specific needs, but they are also aware that natural looking and subtle results are far more beneficial in the long run. Our team doesn’t promote the overuse of treatments such as dermal fillers and believe in a more full circle approach to treating our patients, which includes their well being overall.

One of the most commonly requested aspects of facial rejuvenation treatment discussed during consultation is how to get the most natural looking results possible. A ‘fresh from holiday’ type appearance is what we hear most often. Patients want their family and friends to remark how ‘well’ or refreshed they look, rather than ask what cosmetic treatments they may have had – this is universal for both our male and female patients.

So how can you get the most natural looking results from skin rejuvenation treatments this summer? We offer 3 considerations before undergoing injectable and facial rejuvenation treatments.

– Less is usually more

When it comes to undergoing skin rejuvenation treatments that offer natural looking results, remember less is more. The “overfilled” look is not natural looking, so the key is using non surgical injectable treatments, such as muscle relaxing injections, sparingly.

– Choose an experienced medical healthcare professional

Your nurse prescriber or medical healthcare practitioner should be someone who is experienced in providing facial rejuvenation treatments such as dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxing injections. During your initial consultation it’s key to make sure you feel the expert you have chosen understands that you are looking for natural-looking skin rejuvenation. You can read more about our team of experts and our ethos here.

– Don’t follow the celebrities

While it’s easy to look at a celebrity online or in a magazine/newspaper and assume that the treatments they have had and will benefit you, it’s essential to remember that every face is different (just as every body is different) and what works for one person may not work for another. Larger lips may look fantastic on Angelina Jolie but that doesn’t mean that same full lipped look using dermal fillers or lip fillers will be suitable for you.

Choosing your summer skin rejuvenation treatments

The consultation process is thorough and allows for you to meet with your potential medical health care professional before any treatment takes place and allows us to assess you using our global approach. This includes a skin assessment and realistic expectations regarding potential results. During this consultation you can voice your requirements and goals, and we can offer you impartial and expert advice to allow you to make an informed decision prior to undergoing any form of skin rejuvenation treatment.

Contact us

If you are seeking aesthetic treatments but you’re keen to find an expert who offers natural looking results; why not book a consultation at Cosmex Clinic? We would be delighted to hear from you and discuss your options when considering facial rejuvenation treatments in Cambridge. Please contact us or book an appointment online here.


skin rejuvenation treatments

Skin rejuvenation treatments for fine lines and wrinkles

We’re seeing an increase in patients seeking skin rejuvenation treatments, particularly for facial lines and wrinkles. With so much time spent on video apps like Zoom due to lockdowns, it’s inevitable we’ve become more aware of how we look day to day.

If you have started to notice the effects of ageing around the eyes, forehead or mouth, you may be tempted to try using skin rejuvenation treatments to appear more refreshed.

At Cosmex Clinic in Cambridge we treat clients from across the region that are keen to rejuvenate the skin without surgery. There are various types of wrinkle reduction treatments, so it’s important you do your research and choose the one (or combination) that can best improve your skin and leave you looking and feeling confident.

Muscle relaxing injections

Muscle relaxing injections are a non-surgical form of anti-ageing treatment designed to gently ‘freeze’ the muscles it is injected into, preventing further facial lines from forming. In the right hands it’s a reliable way to minimise crows feet and wrinkles from forming across areas such as the forehead and around the eyes. It is popular with both our male and female patients.

Results of wrinkle relaxing injections generally last between 3 to 6 months so you will require around 2 to 3 treatments a year in order to maintain the results should you wish to. Results vary between patients, of course.

Dermal fillers for smoothing and contouring

Unlike muscle relaxing injections, dermal fillers are designed to fill and smooth lines and wrinkles, rather than prevent new ones from forming. Without a doubt one of the most talked about and popular forms of anti-ageing treatment here in the UK, dermal fillers offer long lasting and reliable results.

Patients can usually expect the results of this kind of aesthetic treatment to last up to 6-12 months, however this does vary between the type used and the scale of the skill of the injector.

Chemical peels for anti ageing skin rejuvenation

Another popular form of skin rejuvenation treatment for patients looking to reduce fine lines (as well as skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation) is a chemical skin peel. This type of treatment is often used in combination with one of the skin rejuvenation treatments above, however, it can also be used successfully as a standalone treatment for certain skin concerns. There are several different strengths of peel so your cosmetic doctor can tailor the treatment to the degree of ageing you wish to improve.

Without doubt, chemical skin peels are one of the most versatile forms of skin rejuvenation treatment, and the results can last for a long while. Although, it is usually the case that a client will return to Cosmex Clinic in the future to undergo further treatments as part of a long-term skin health regime.

Get more information

Skin rejuvenation treatments for the improvement of lines and wrinkles are available at the clinic; a full assessment using our global approach is required to ascertain which type of treatment is individually suited best to you as an individual. In some cases it may be more suitable to combine two or more forms of aesthetic treatment in order to get the best results – we always make sure each patient receives tailored care plans.

For example, it is not uncommon to utilise the power of both muscle relaxing injections and skin tightening treatments to get a universal and natural looking result. This synergy and holistic approach to skin rejuvenation is what sets us apart from other aesthetic clinics.

We also offer cosmetic treatments including body contouring, skin tightening and lip enhancement. Treat your skin this summer and say goodbye to crows feet, creases, lines in wrinkles – book a consultation here with one of our medical aesthetic health care professionals.

skin rejuvenation treatments

Choosing anti ageing treatments for wrinkles in Cambridge

There are so many anti ageing treatments for lines and wrinkles now available that it can be confusing for patients to know which form of skin rejuvenation is most suitable for them – and most importantly which will provide the best results.

At Cosmex Clinic in Cambridge we offer various skin rejuvenation treatments for men and women that are designed to smooth fine lines and improve the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.

We offer multiple skin rejuvenation treatments that we believe can be beneficial to those seeking to rejuvenate the skin around the mouth and eyes, as well as improve skin vibrancy. For some this may simply be skin tightening, whereas others may benefit from a combination of treatments to bring real synergy to a facial rejuvenation plan.

An assessment using our global approach includes an assessment of the patient’s skin and their anatomy before we work out a treatment plan to give the best results. Our amazing portfolio and synergy with injectable and energy based treatments (plus the Cosmex skin care regimes) allows us to provide bespoke treatments.

Below you’ll find 3 of our popular treatments along with a little information about how they work.

Muscle relaxing injections

It’s no secret that the best rejuvenation treatments have to include muscle relaxing injections. Similar in nature to dermal fillers – in that they are injected into the skin – the appearance of fine lines, frown lines and marionette lines can be reduced with the use of minimally invasive treatments like this.

In expert hands, muscle relaxing injections can help to improve lines and wrinkles without invasive treatments. They are sometimes used in combination with dermal fillers or energy-assisted skin tightening, too, as part of a wider treatment plan, and usually last from 3-6 months.

Skin tightening

When it comes to the best aesthetic treatments in Cambridge there is no doubt that skin tightening with energy-assisted devices offer a reliable and efficient form of skin rejuvenation. As we skin rejuvenate with various devices, we can tailor your treatment to your specific skin rejuvenation needs.

Helping to improve common skin concerns such as collagen loss, fine lines, skin laxity and skin firmness, these offer reliable and safe methods of rejuvenation using energy sources such as radiofrequency among others. Non-surgical in nature the results are long lasting making it a highly popular form of skin rejuvenation treatment for both men and women.

Dermal fillers

Without a doubt dermal fillers are now the most popular form of skin rejuvenating treatment at our clinic. Dermal fillers are a much-requested treatment for improving issues such as facial asymmetry, and are both effective and long lasting. They can also be used for lip and cheek contouring treatments.

While classed as minimally invasive, dermal fillers are a medical treatment and should only be administered by a health care professional. Lasting between 6- 12 months, in most cases, there is a reason why this injectable form of skin rejuvenation treatment is proving to be increasing popular with both men and women.

We also offer skin boosters like Profhilo to hydrate the skin and help to promote a natural glow. The key is to leave you looking refreshed; natural results that leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Find out more from Cosmex Clinic

No other clinic in East Anglia has the treatment menu we have available. We would love to hear from you and help you on your journey to beautiful, rejuvenated skin. For more information about skin rejuvenation contact the Cosmex Clinic team today. You can also visit the treatment pages for detailed information about the anti ageing treatments available.

A full consultation is required before a treatment plan can be created so please contact the Cosmex Clinic team to book your skin assessment. Book yours here.



Dermal Fillers Cambridge

Discover dermal fillers to rejuvenate your skin for Autumn

Dermal fillers are some of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic injectables in the world these days – but how much do you really know about the skin firming injections? At Cosmex Clinic we offer injectable facial rejuvenation treatments including muscle relaxing injections and dermal fillers in Cambridge and across the region.

Why choose injectable rejuvenation treatments like dermal fillers?

Although many have heard of dermal fillers, many patients are still not aware of the full extent of how they can help refresh and rejuvenate the face. In order to examine the many uses of dermal fillers, we must get acquainted with what they really are, and how they can benefit you alongside other cosmetic skin rejuvenation treatments, such as muscle relaxing injections and skin tightening using energy-assisted devices.

What are dermal fillers?

The term dermal filler is used to categorise a number of cosmetic injectables that provide patients with skin-plumping results. Our team of medical experts use dermal fillers to improve a number of cosmetic concerns by contouring, smoothing or ‘filling’ the skin in order to achieve a more rejuvenated, refreshed appearance.

The most common use of dermal fillers is as a non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment. Thanks to the nature of dermal fillers it makes these injectables the perfect treatment for correcting asymmetry and refreshing the face with minimal downtime.

What is good about them?

The great thing about using dermal fillers for anti-ageing purposes is that they can help to restore the youthful fullness to the skin that many lose as we get older. In addition to this, dermal fillers can also tackle a multitude of facial ageing issues, if used correctly. They are a medical treatment and should be treated as such.

Another popular use of dermal fillers is as a non-surgical lip enhancer; a reliable method of treatment when trying to enhance or reshape the lips. The injectable nature of dermal fillers make them a reliable option when looking to augment the look of your lips. Their injectable format gives the medical health care professional a more precise way to target the area of concern in the patient’s lips, and also can give great control on the level of enhancement. This means patients can achieve an effective and natural-looking result when it’s performed by an experienced medical practitioner.

Increasing hydration is also very important, as is looking at the whole peri oral area. Assessment is never just the lips as that can create a false look – it’s all about being natural and normal which is why we use the term the “Cambridge Look” – less is more.

Versatility with other treatments

We often offer patients dermal fillers alongside other skin rejuvenation treatments, such as skin boosters such as Profhilo. Often a multifaceted approach is best when helping a patient look and feel their best, and the team of injectable experts will assess your skin and concerns thoroughly before offering a tailored treatment plan. You can find out more about our team and our approach to aesthetics and skincare treatments via the ‘Why Cosmex’ page.

Book a consultation for dermal fillers in Cambridge

If you would like to learn more about the many uses of dermal fillers, or you’d like information about other non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments such as muscle relaxing injections, skin tightening or chemical skin peels, our aesthetic experts are more than happy to help you.

You can also book a consultation online using our simple service selection form. All new clients receive an initial consultation, and for all existing patients every appointment starts with a mini-consultation.


How to pick a cosmetic clinic in Cambridge for your needs

When considering aesthetic treatments patients should aim to seek out a reputable cosmetic clinic in Cambridge that can cater to their requirements in a safe and reliable way.

It’s only by undergoing your non surgical cosmetic treatments with experienced medical experts that you can be sure you’ll receive the best quality service and skin rejuvenation treatments that will make you feel and look fantastic.

In this week’s blog, Lou Sommeroux (our Clinical Director) briefly explains what makes Cosmex Clinic special, and why choosing to undergo non surgical treatments, such as dermal fillers, with a true medical aesthetic expert is the key to unrivalled results.

Why should potential patients consider choosing Cosmex Clinic?

When it comes to undergoing non surgical skin rejuvenation and body contouring treatments you need to be sure that the person you trust with your treatments has the experience to provide excellent results. This should be in a clinical setting which is both safe and welcoming – our cosmetic clinic in Cambridge does just this. We provide thorough skin assessments through our global approach and ensure patients have access to tailored treatment plans, state of the art products and technology, and award-winning care.

Choosing the right clinic

The clinic you trust with your treatment should appear clean and well run, with staff who are both helpful, polite and reassuring, and the same applies to your medical aesthetic health care professional of choice.

Choosing a medically-led clinic with a good reputation and patient satisfaction record should be a priority when seeking any form of skin rejuvenation treatment, because you want to be sure you’re in safe hands. Clinical Director Lou is an award-winning nurse prescriber and has been praised in publications such as Tatler for her commitment to providing a safe patient journey.

Picking the right medical aesthetic health care professional

The journey of non surgical anti-ageing treatments can be daunting, and you want to make sure both the clinic and the medical aesthetic health care professional  have your best interests at heart. We make sure each patient journey is bespoke and create tailored treatment plans built around you.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you feel comfortable with this person?
  • Do you feel they have the expertise and skills to offer you the results?

You should feel comfortable with how the consultation process (and the treatment plan) is progressing at all stages. We are a medically-led clinic and we build a care plan around you. Synergy is at the heart of everything we do.

Booking a consultation at Cosmex Clinic

We believe that booking a consultation is the best way to confirm whether or not your chosen venue is the right cosmetic clinic for your specific aesthetic goals and needs.

A consultation allows you to meet personally and have a thorough skin assessment in the environment you’ll be treated in. It’s an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the treatments you are seeking to undergo.

Trust the experts

Our team really do care about each and every one of our patients. As well as the bespoke treatment plans and tailored service, all treatments are undertaken within our attractive, relaxing clinic, where everyone – patients and staff alike – are treated with the utmost respect.

We value safety and client care of anything else, ensuring that if you trust your treatments to us we will endeavour to provide you with results in an environment that you can feel safe and comfortable in.

Get in touch

Please speak to a member of our reception team if you wish to book an appointment for your consultation, alternatively you can also book online if that’s more convenient. You will also find plenty of in-depth information on the aesthetic treatments we offer at the clinic via the treatment pages.