Replaceable but Indespensable

When Diana our Clinic Manager confirmed in September 2022 she was returning to South Africa for personal reasons, we were very pleased to discuss with her, her suggestion that she could continue to work with Cosmex Clinic remotely. Obviously, we were losing her physical presence in the clinic where she was loved by both staff […]

How to get your Lip Fillers Dissolved – Sunday Times 31 July 2022

HOW TO GET YOUR LIP FILLERS DISSOLVED Lip filler has never been more popular, so why are so many women wanting to get the procedure reversed? Reproduced from Sunday Times article 31 July  2022 by Sophie Wilkinson Chloe*, 23, first got lip filler when she was 19. Even though she really wanted it at first, […]

The Cosmex Clinic Team is Growing

We are pleased to announce that our team here at Cosmex Clinic is growing and we couldn’t be more excited. Please join us in welcoming Samantha Llewellyn and Ewelina Wojtala to the clinic. Samantha Llewellyn joins us as an Aesthetic Practitioner, and Ewelina Wojtala as our Aesthetic Pharmacist. Their breadth of knowledge and individual skills […]

Wrinkle reduction treatments in Cambridge

If you’re considering wrinkle reduction treatments in Cambridge but you’re not sure which is the right form of skin rejuvenation treatment for you, booking an appointment with the experts at Cosmex Clinic is a good start. Research is most certainly power when it comes to choosing non-surgical cosmetic treatments and Clinical Director, Lou Sommereux, is […]

What to expect during a skin rejuvenation consultation

Before undergoing any form of at our clinic in Cambridge it’s important to know what to expect from a skin rejuvenation consultation. At Cosmex Clinic, we appreciate it may be a little daunting to undergo treatments to refresh the face and how you feel about your appearance – but it needn’t be. Whether you decide […]

Cosmex Clinic is proudly now CQC registered

Cosmex Clinic is proudly now CQC registered Great news from Cosmex Clinic today, as we can reveal we are now CQC registered. Part of our on-going pursuit to offer our patients the very best standards of care, our application and subsequent registration with the Care Quality Commission is a vital step forward for Cosmex Clinic. […]

Subtle summer skin rejuvenation treatments for men and women

Undergo summer skin rejuvenation treatments that offer natural results When patients are seeking summer skin rejuvenation treatments, one of the most requested aspects of their treatment is natural-looking results. The days of overfilled cheeks and lips are finally on the decline, and most patients visiting Cosmex Clinic are seeking non-surgical skin rejuvenation changes which have […]

Popular skin rejuvenation treatments for fine lines

Skin rejuvenation treatments for fine lines and wrinkles We’re seeing an increase in patients seeking skin rejuvenation treatments, particularly for facial lines and wrinkles. With so much time spent on video apps like Zoom due to lockdowns, it’s inevitable we’ve become more aware of how we look day to day. If you have started to […]

Effective anti ageing treatments for wrinkles

Choosing anti ageing treatments for wrinkles in Cambridge There are so many anti ageing treatments for lines and wrinkles now available that it can be confusing for patients to know which form of skin rejuvenation is most suitable for them – and most importantly which will provide the best results. At Cosmex Clinic in Cambridge […]

Dermal fillers in Cambridge and their uses

Discover dermal fillers to rejuvenate your skin for Autumn Dermal fillers are some of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic injectables in the world these days – but how much do you really know about the skin firming injections? At Cosmex Clinic we offer injectable facial rejuvenation treatments including muscle relaxing injections and dermal fillers in […]