Choosing the right cosmetic clinic in Cambridge

How to pick a cosmetic clinic in Cambridge for your needs

When considering aesthetic treatments patients should aim to seek out a reputable cosmetic clinic in Cambridge that can cater to their requirements in a safe and reliable way.

It’s only by undergoing your non surgical cosmetic treatments with experienced medical experts that you can be sure you’ll receive the best quality service and skin rejuvenation treatments that will make you feel and look fantastic.

In this week’s blog, Lou Sommeroux (our Clinical Director) briefly explains what makes Cosmex Clinic special, and why choosing to undergo non surgical treatments, such as dermal fillers, with a true medical aesthetic expert is the key to unrivalled results.

Why should potential patients consider choosing Cosmex Clinic?

When it comes to undergoing non surgical skin rejuvenation and body contouring treatments you need to be sure that the person you trust with your treatments has the experience to provide excellent results. This should be in a clinical setting which is both safe and welcoming – our cosmetic clinic in Cambridge does just this. We provide thorough skin assessments through our global approach and ensure patients have access to tailored treatment plans, state of the art products and technology, and award-winning care.

Choosing the right clinic

The clinic you trust with your treatment should appear clean and well run, with staff who are both helpful, polite and reassuring, and the same applies to your medical aesthetic health care professional of choice.

Choosing a medically-led clinic with a good reputation and patient satisfaction record should be a priority when seeking any form of skin rejuvenation treatment, because you want to be sure you’re in safe hands. Clinical Director Lou is an award-winning nurse prescriber and has been praised in publications such as Tatler for her commitment to providing a safe patient journey.

Picking the right medical aesthetic health care professional

The journey of non surgical anti-ageing treatments can be daunting, and you want to make sure both the clinic and the medical aesthetic health care professional  have your best interests at heart. We make sure each patient journey is bespoke and create tailored treatment plans built around you.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you feel comfortable with this person?
  • Do you feel they have the expertise and skills to offer you the results?

You should feel comfortable with how the consultation process (and the treatment plan) is progressing at all stages. We are a medically-led clinic and we build a care plan around you. Synergy is at the heart of everything we do.

Booking a consultation at Cosmex Clinic

We believe that booking a consultation is the best way to confirm whether or not your chosen venue is the right cosmetic clinic for your specific aesthetic goals and needs.

A consultation allows you to meet personally and have a thorough skin assessment in the environment you’ll be treated in. It’s an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the treatments you are seeking to undergo.

Trust the experts

Our team really do care about each and every one of our patients. As well as the bespoke treatment plans and tailored service, all treatments are undertaken within our attractive, relaxing clinic, where everyone – patients and staff alike – are treated with the utmost respect.

We value safety and client care of anything else, ensuring that if you trust your treatments to us we will endeavour to provide you with results in an environment that you can feel safe and comfortable in.

Get in touch

Please speak to a member of our reception team if you wish to book an appointment for your consultation, alternatively you can also book online if that’s more convenient. You will also find plenty of in-depth information on the aesthetic treatments we offer at the clinic via the treatment pages.

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