Non-Surgical Nose Job

Cosmex Clinic are delighted to now offer the non-surgical rhinoplasty as a treatment. The nose is at the centre of our faces and for many people, the appearance of their nose can have a negative effect on their confidence. Due to the position of the nose on our faces, it is impossible to hide if we are not quite happy with its appearance.

The non-surgical rhinoplasty can improve a vast range of issues such as straightening out bumps, raising the bridge and/or tip, as well as rebalancing asymmetry, in order to bring the nose into better alignment with the rest of the facial features.

HA dermal fillers are used to perform the non-surgical procedure; these particular fillers are proven to enhance the facial features with soft, natural looking results that can last between 9-18 months, with immediate results and very little down time.

So why choose the non-surgical alternative to the surgical rhinoplasty procedure?

  • Immediate results with very little down time.
  • Natural looking results achieved using dermal fillers.
  • Temporary results, lasting between 9-18 months enables the option of a new approach.
  • No general anaesthetic is used during the procedure.
  • The non-surgical treatment is much quicker, lasting minutes rather than hours.
  • Any temporary bruising/redness can be easily covered up using make-up.
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