Popular skin rejuvenation treatments for fine lines

Skin rejuvenation treatments for fine lines and wrinkles

We’re seeing an increase in patients seeking skin rejuvenation treatments, particularly for facial lines and wrinkles. With so much time spent on video apps like Zoom due to lockdowns, it’s inevitable we’ve become more aware of how we look day to day.

If you have started to notice the effects of ageing around the eyes, forehead or mouth, you may be tempted to try using skin rejuvenation treatments to appear more refreshed.

At Cosmex Clinic in Cambridge we treat clients from across the region that are keen to rejuvenate the skin without surgery. There are various types of wrinkle reduction treatments, so it’s important you do your research and choose the one (or combination) that can best improve your skin and leave you looking and feeling confident.

Muscle relaxing injections

Muscle relaxing injections are a non-surgical form of anti-ageing treatment designed to gently ‘freeze’ the muscles it is injected into, preventing further facial lines from forming. In the right hands it’s a reliable way to minimise crows feet and wrinkles from forming across areas such as the forehead and around the eyes. It is popular with both our male and female patients.

Results of wrinkle relaxing injections generally last between 3 to 6 months so you will require around 2 to 3 treatments a year in order to maintain the results should you wish to. Results vary between patients, of course.

Dermal fillers for smoothing and contouring

Unlike muscle relaxing injections, dermal fillers are designed to fill and smooth lines and wrinkles, rather than prevent new ones from forming. Without a doubt one of the most talked about and popular forms of anti-ageing treatment here in the UK, dermal fillers offer long lasting and reliable results.

Patients can usually expect the results of this kind of aesthetic treatment to last up to 6-12 months, however this does vary between the type used and the scale of the skill of the injector.

Chemical peels for anti ageing skin rejuvenation

Another popular form of skin rejuvenation treatment for patients looking to reduce fine lines (as well as skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation) is a chemical skin peel. This type of treatment is often used in combination with one of the skin rejuvenation treatments above, however, it can also be used successfully as a standalone treatment for certain skin concerns. There are several different strengths of peel so your cosmetic doctor can tailor the treatment to the degree of ageing you wish to improve.

Without doubt, chemical skin peels are one of the most versatile forms of skin rejuvenation treatment, and the results can last for a long while. Although, it is usually the case that a client will return to Cosmex Clinic in the future to undergo further treatments as part of a long-term skin health regime.

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Skin rejuvenation treatments for the improvement of lines and wrinkles are available at the clinic; a full assessment using our global approach is required to ascertain which type of treatment is individually suited best to you as an individual. In some cases it may be more suitable to combine two or more forms of aesthetic treatment in order to get the best results – we always make sure each patient receives tailored care plans.

For example, it is not uncommon to utilise the power of both muscle relaxing injections and skin tightening treatments to get a universal and natural looking result. This synergy and holistic approach to skin rejuvenation is what sets us apart from other aesthetic clinics.

We also offer cosmetic treatments including body contouring, skin tightening and lip enhancement. Treat your skin this summer and say goodbye to crows feet, creases, lines in wrinkles – book a consultation here with one of our medical aesthetic health care professionals.

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