Superdrug launches Botox and lip filler service

High street health and beauty retailer Superdrug has begun an in-store Botox and lip filler service – in response to soaring demand induced by reality shows such as Love Island. The service is to be known as ‘Skin Renew’ and will be available to customers aged over 25.

But with the treatments costing as little as £99 – could this lead to people treating cosmetic procedures as casual beauty treatments? Will we now start having our lip filler, followed by our eyebrow threading?

Although it is reassuring that Superdrug are hiring medically trained nurses as opposed to beauty therapists, it is imperative that people do not start to perceive Botox and dermal fillers to be a casual beauty treatment. They are medical procedures.

This new addition to Superdrug really does trivialise the seriousness of treatments, and doesn’t encourage the assessment of the person who will be performing their treatment, nor does it encourage people to consider the risks associated with the treatment.

Superdrug have defended their decision by stating that they have measures in place to ensure they are of a professional standard. The Skin Renew consultations can only be booked by phoning the store’s dedicated service team, who are trained to answer any questions and help customers decide whether a consultation is right for them. If a patient does decide to go ahead with a consultation, it will be held with a qualified nurse and will require the completion of a medical questionnaire to assess their eligibility for treatment.

What are your thoughts on Superdrug’s decision to do this, and what could be next? Could we be in line to purchase our toothpaste whilst also filling out a questionnaire for surgical procedures?

Here at Cosmex, we strongly believe that medical procedures need to remain medical. To arrange a consultation with our Clinic Founder, Lou Sommereux (Specialist Aesthetic and Nurse prescriber) who has over 15 years of delivering clinical excellence to the Cambridgeshire area, please contact us on 01223 846363 or email

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