The Latest Injectables Scandal that threatens to scar patients for life – or worse!

In the latest episode of the ongoing Botulinum Toxin A (commonly known as BotoxTM) and dermal filler scandal, the Times newspaper has published a report on the illegal use of unlicensed BotoxTM by unauthorised injectors.

To read the full article which has been reproduced on the” Save Face” website (the Times newspaper has a paywall) click on the link below:

TIMES INVESTIGATION ‘Black market’ Botox investigation: ‘If you know where you need to put it, nothing goes wrong’


The article is self-explanatory and shocking.   The use of black-market products injected by unqualified injectors can result in severe complications, including necrosis of large parts of the face and even blindness.   The injectors who claim there is no risk are either dishonest or so far from the reality that they are not aware of the risks.  Which also means they have no training or experience in correcting complications that can occur or how serious their effect can be.


At Cosmex Clinic we are fortunate to have Registered Nurse Louise Sommereux as our Clinical Director.  Lou has performed over 500,000 Botulinum Toxin A and dermal filler injections since she founded the Cosmex Clinic in 2002 and this year we are very excited that Cosmex will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in June.


During that time the clinic has had just two serious injectable complications.  Both were recognised and managed successfully in clinic because Lou and the staff she trains have the necessary knowledge and prescribing skills.


In addition, Lou was a founding Director and Vicechair of the BACN (British Association of Cosmetic Nurses) that operates a strict Code of Conduct to ensure patient safety.   Then in recognition of her work to raise standards in Aesthetics was awarded Nurse of the Year in 2014 and has been a finalist to date.


Lou is passionate about education and professional development, as a mentor for the BACN, Northumbria University and company trainer she shares her skills, knowledge and standards with her staff and colleagues.

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