The Cosmex Clinic Team is Growing

We are pleased to announce that our team here at Cosmex Clinic is growing and we couldn’t be more excited. Please join us in welcoming Samantha Llewellyn and Ewelina Wojtala to the clinic. Samantha Llewellyn joins us as an Aesthetic Practitioner, and Ewelina Wojtala as our Aesthetic Pharmacist. Their breadth of knowledge and individual skills […]

What causes adult acne?

Despite what glossy magazines may tell us, acne isn’t just something we battle in our teenage years. Adults can also suffer from acne breakouts – and it can happen at any age. Adult acne can affect both men and women and, though the pimples may appear the same, adult breakouts are actually rather different to […]

7 things to consider before getting laser hair removal

If you are considering a laser hair removal treatment, it pays to do your homework. It’s easy to be lured in by the thought of no more waxing, but it’s not always that simple. In this blog today, we will break down 7 things you need to know before getting laser hair removal, and why […]

Is Your Moisturiser Helping Or Making Your Acne Worse?

Did you know over 80% of women use moisturiser on a daily basis? Primarily, the function of moisturiser is to make the skin feel moist, relieve dry skin and tightness, and provide a basic level of protection against environmental damage. However, while moisturisers are often pitched as miracle creams, what’s the truth behind such claims? […]

What happens to your skin when you sleep in your make-up?

Sleeping in your make-up is a cardinal skincare sin, but do we really know what damage it’s doing to our faces when we forget to cleanse before bed? Problems caused by leaving your cosmetics on for too long include eye infections, brittle lashes and rashes. Click here to discover what can happen and why.

Your sleeping routine is probably making you look older

You may slap on the SPF and keep yourself hydrated but still have tired and dowdy looking skin. Leading skincare experts reveal the common mistakes that could be leading to dull looking skin, wrinkles and breakouts – but did you know that some small changes to your bedtime routine could make all the difference? Click here to […]