Health & wellbeing screening.

Cosmex Clinic are pleased to offer a range of health and well being screens in conjunction with one of the UK’s largest and most proficient health screen providers.

There are two main reasons for health screening:

Never sweep a suspected issue under the carpet.  It is always best to meet the issue head on and as early as possible.  Both to ensure the best possible outcome and to reduce the stress of worrying about the unknown.

However, the main reason Cosmex is now providing health screening is to better enable you to live your best life.  Our most comprehensive health screen GP3 measures 150 different health indications to enable you to optimise your life.  Following an initial consultation one of our fully qualified nurses will take a sample of your blood, which will then be express same-day couriered to the laboratory.  The results of the analysis will be provided to you in  a comprehensive easy to understand graphical report that quantifies each of the markers and compares them to the normal population range.

What's included:

Basic Screen.


What's included:

Medical 1.


What's included:

Medical 2.


What's included:

Advanced GP2.


What's included:

Advanced GP3.


What our customers say about us.

Always happy with the friendly, professional and honest service that Lou provides. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.


June 2023

Lou explained everything to me, as always so no stress. Delighted with my treatments. Always a warm welcome when you come to the Clinic. Would recommend , you wont be disappointed.


May 2023

Amazing treatment each time i go. Lou is so kind and very proffesional at what she does. Every time i visit i receive first class treatment. i would recommend anyone wanting treatments should only go there,you are in safe hands.



April 2023

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