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Hair Rejuvenation treatment in Cambridge.


Cosmex Clinic has two treatments that are applicable to hair restoration.   Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and Polynucleotides.  Both treatments have their benefits and are increasingly being used together for optimum results.

Even if you are considering hair transplant please talk to us as we can point you in the right direction and help with pre and post transplantation conditioning of the scalp for optimum results.


Growth factors are important in healing and skin regeneration

What are Platelets?

Platelets are a specialized type of blood cell fragment in your own blood which are reservoirs of natural growth factors. Platelets rupture and release their growth factors when they find themselves out of their normal environment (which is in your blood vessels). Typically this occurs when an injury occurs to the body and blood vessels are ruptured. This could be due to an accidental cut or scrape or a bruise. The released growth factors then get to work building new blood vessels and new tissue. This will also happen when platelets are injected into treatment areas such as your skin.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, is a medically proven remedy suitable for both men and women experiencing tired aging skin or hair loss. A small amount of blood is extracted from the patient.

The sample is then placed in a centrifuge to separate the platelet containing plasma from the red blood cells. It then goes through a further separation stage to remove other unwanted components

The plasma which is now rich in platelets containing growth factor, plus smaller concentrations of other beneficial blood components, is then injected into the area to be rejuvenated.

How Does PRP Help With Hair Loss?

When the harvested platelets are injected back into the scalp, they are deliberately injected into the tissue and not the veins. This causes the platelets to release the growth hormone they contain which in turn invigorates the scalp near the injection sites. Resulting in stronger hair growth.

Polynucleotide Therapy

Polynucleotide therapy has been used in medicine mainly as an aid for wound repair for over 3 decades, without any significant adverse events.  It is therefore proven to be a safe and effective treatment for the stimulation of wound repair.

More recently it is being increasingly used for hair restoration.  It is especially useful for treating hormonal (androgenic) alopecia as it limits the negative effects of hormones on the hair follicles while also stimulating growth of the hair.

The treatment we use is inter dermal injections of PhilArt Hair made up of purified fragments of DNA extracted from trout sperm. It has the ability to function as a biostimulator, triggering the body’s own regeneration and repair processes to reduce inflammation and stimulate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic production.

What our customers say about us.

As well as very professional treatment and advice, all the clinic staff are very friendly and engaging. The consistency of the service is always very reassuring.



August 2022

Awesome service, really happy with the knowledge and advice, will continue my treatment with cosmex 😜 coz I’m beautiful again thanks to Lou 😘



June 2023

Ewelina was very professional and made me feel very comfortable throughout. Thank you



August 2022

Frequently Asked Questions.

If there’s something we’ve missed, please contact us.

They work in different ways and each has its benefits.  A main purpose of the consultation is to decide which is the best treatment for your particular needs.

Both treatments involve multiple superficial injections and there will be some discomfort but this is usually well tolerated.

You can expect to see initial results  after around 8 weeks but due to the way hair grows (approx 1cm/month) it will be some time after that before there is a noticable difference to hair volume.

Typically 3 to 6  treatments are required depending upon the specific circumatances.

Normally 5 treatments are recommended with periodic maintenance treatments following the completion of the course.

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