Full Face Skin Analysis.

With an expert practitioner with complete knowledge of our skin treatments and products..

What we are able to see and analyse

At Cosmex we use only the most advanced CE approved skin imaging technology to scan both the surface and interior of your skin. Through a combination of different types of light and artificial intelligence we are able to examine the skin layers not visible to the naked eye.


The highlighted sensitive areas refer to area with high hemoglobin content close to the surface. This analysis is able to identify areas that are inflamed or prone to inflammation at certain times. e.g. During cold weather.


This is a more natural presentation of the visible redness and latent redness of sensitive skin due to visible blood vessels and those just below the surface that can become visible when inflamed.


This mode filters out the reflections on the surface of the skin so that it is clearly visible. It reveals the superficial pigmentation, the colour of the superficial epidermis, visible sun spots and other visible photo damage.


This mode enables a qualitative assessment of the skin quality. Skin that is in very good condition with little or no sun damage will appear as an even distribution of brown colouring on the screen. This is an enhanced visualisation that is better able to detect early signs of photodamage.

UV Dark Spot Damage

Ultra violet light is able to penetrate the surface of the skin and reveal deeper damage that although not necessarily apparent now will result in premature aging of the skin and the future appearance of age spots, acne scars and wrinkles. The monochrome version is enhanced to better highlight the variability in and damage to the skin.


This is a comparison of a daylight image to a UV light image for the observation of active acne and skin pores. The acne bacteria fluoresces in the UV light and is highlighted as a yellow dot.

The amount of active acne bacteria present can be quantified and compared to earlier analysis.

Complimentary Consultation.

Our Full Face Skin Analyser will pin-point current skin problems and predict the likely appearance in 5-7 years if left untreated.

Enabling us to recommend the most appropriate treatment.

During your consultation, we will carry out an in-depth skin assessment together we will discuss a treatment plan that is perfectly suited to your skin condition and its requirements.

The results of  the analysis are presented in a clear easy to understand format together with suggested treatment options /topical products.

The whole consultation will take 20-30 minutes and there is a booking fee of £50 which is redeemable against a treatment.

What our customers say about us.

Thank you for a lovely experience as ever. Highly recommend Lou and her team.



July 2023

Lou is extremely professional and very knowledgeable. I have every confidence that she would advise on the best treatment options



March 2023

The customer care and attention of both Lou and Diana were exemplary. I felt my needs were met in a very relaxed environment and I was very pleased with the outcome from my treatment.



June 2022

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