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Polynucleotides and how they work

Polynucleotides Cambridge are highly purified chains of DNA and RNA, which have been used in medical treatments for wound repair for decades and have an excellent safety record. More recently they have been incorporated in aesthetic medicine to improve the quality of our skin.

The polynucleotides used in aesthetic medicine are designed to directly act upon the fibroblasts in our skin.

This has four fundamental effects as outlined below:

Fibroblast proliferation.

Within the treated area the polynucleotides stimulate a substantial increase in fibroblasts, which are cells key to skin healing and health.

The effect is rapid and most of the increase in fibroblast population takes place in the first 4-7 days.

This population increase has several important knock on effects.

Increased scavenging.

Ultraviolet sunlight, pollution and even hard exercise results in a increase of oxygen free radicals ( single oxygen atoms).  These atoms are highly reactive and damage our  DNA leading to premature aging and increased risk of cancer.

Fibroblasts mop up (scavenge) these rogue atoms and more fibroblasts means they can do this job more effectively.

More and Better Collagen.

Fibroblasts generate collagen. More fibroblasts = more collagen. This results in an increase of dermal thickness replacing that lost through ageing and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Importantly studies have shown the collagen produced tends to be the normal more structured Type 1 collagen.

Type 1 collagen is stronger and better quality than the Types 3 and 4 which are present in scar tissue e.g. acne scars

Improved Skin Hydration.

Polynucleotides attract and bind water molecules in a stable and permanent manner forming a three dimensional gel.

The Process.

To achieve this requires precision and an artistic eye. For this reason our current go to product for lip filling is Revanesse Kiss. Revanesse Kiss uses microsphere technology that enables the filler tThe polynucleotide solution is injected into the dermis of the skin in a series of small injections using a fine needle and leaving small shallow deposits of solution.

Polynucleotides are not fillers and they interact with the existing fibroblasts to energise them within 30 minutes of being injected. This kickstarts the process described above.

They do not hang about in the body and within around 30 minutes of being injected, 1/2 of the polynucleotides have been broken down by the body’s enzymes. So that within a few hours all of them have been ejected from the body.o flow more evenly and causes fewer complications such as nodules. The microspheres are also “wet milled” which means the hyaluronic acid microspheres are fully hydrated and will not absorb more water from the skin. This enables the injector to place exactly the right amount of filler precisely where it is needed and not have to estimate how much the appearance will change in the coming days. Finally the wet milled microspheres ensure longer lasting results and a consistent rate of absorption by the body .

How and where can polynucleotides be used.

Philart the range we currently use comes in 4 versions


Is the original version and can be used virtually anywhere on the face or body (except around the eyes) to improve skin quality and help with scar revision.

PhilArt Eye.

As the name implies is for use in the skin around and within the eye orbit to help iron out those fine wrinkles.

PhilArt Hair.

Is specially formulated to work in conjunction with PRP to enhance hair regrowth. As with PRP it cannot regenerate hair in a completely bald area.

PhilArt Next.

A version formulated to better aid rejuvenation of older skin.

Combination treatments.

Philart products are recommended for use in combination with and to enhance the effects of other aesthetic treatments, including both injectable and energy based treatments.

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