OxyNrich to gently exfoliate and then oxygenate your skin from the inside.

OxyNrich™ the inside out Advanced Oxygen facial.

Oxygen facials claim to help reduce fine lines, even out texture, add radiance, and help maintain bright, youthful looking skin. However, some dermatologists believe the procedure of pushing oxygen into the skin may actually cause unnecessary inflammation, redness, or general puffiness.

The major difference of OxyNrich is that nothing is forced into the skin and the skin is in effect oxygenated from inside the body through a clever use of what is known as the Bohr effect.

During an OxyNrich procedure the area to be treated is cleansed and a water-based gel containing skin nourishing ingredients is applied.

The OxyNrich vibrating handle is then fitted with a one time use treatment tip, consisting of compressed sodium bicarbonate. This is inserted into the gel layer and the vibration action switched on. The natural action of sodium bicarbonate in contact with the water based gel causes it to effervesce and this is further enhanced by the vibration.

This sets off a chain of events:

The Bohr Effect.

The Bohr effect – is the body’s natural way to demand more oxygen when for instance exercising. Our bodies detect the amount of carbon dioxide and when this increases through exercise the Bohr effect tells the body to release more oxygen into that area where the carbon dioxide concentration is high. It does this by dilating the blood vessels to make them more porous.

OxyNrich neatly duplicates this natural effect.

The benefits to the patient are:

This treatment will leave your skin feeling invigorated and we will further enhance the benefits through a topical application of HLA.

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Ewelina was very professional and made me feel very comfortable throughout. Thank you



December 2022

Always a good experience at Cosmex. Lou always prepared to discuss treatment and advise. Thank you



July 2021

I felt I received a very personal and tentative consultation, Staff listened to my concerns and anxieties. I am so very pleased with my initial results.



July 2022

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