Unwanted Hair.

Fast, effective and comfortable hair removal in Cambridgeshire.

The reasons for not wanting hair or wanting to reduce the presence of hair in particular parts of the body are varied.  Many people both male and female find excessive hair embarrassing.  What constitutes excessive varies greatly from person to person and is a very personal decision.

In addition there are specific medical conditions that require hair to be removed including ingrown hairs that can become infected  and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) which results in excessive hair growth.  In the case of PCOS the hormone imbalance it produces results in regrowth and an enhanced need for ongoing treatments.

The situations where this expectation cannot be fully met tend to be:

Many People find unwanted hair embarrassing.

She suffers from PCOS and has bravely agreed to provide a video interview regarding her experience, in order to better inform other people facing the same condition.  She is aware that with her condition, she will need ongoing treatments.

However, as you can see the condition is well under control and the treatments with modern state of the art lasers is described as comfortable.

We are very grateful to the attractive young lady opposite.

Treatments Available:

Laser Hair Removal

The very latest high power laser for comfortable removal of hair including fine and blonde hair.

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Always amazing care. So welcoming and attentive throughout. Also very Covid secure.



January 2021

The treatment was hardly painful, and has provided immediate very good results.



July 2023

Genuine, relaxed, informed advice and guidance regarding any/all treatment.



February 2023

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