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TIGHTEN’s radiofrequency head gently heats your dermis to the optimum level to produce new collagen. The new collagen improves the underlying structure of your skin – resulting in a tightening and lifting effect.

During the treatment the radiofrequency handpiece is continuously moved in circular movements over the treatment area, while a gel is used to aid the movement.  The focused heat penetrating your skin will cause it to redden slightly and the collagen will contract, tightening and lifting the skin. The procedure is comparable to having hot stone massage, so you should find it to be comfortable and relaxing. Immediately afterwards you can return to work or social engagements.

You’ll see an immediate lift, caused by the contraction of the skin collagen, after your first treatment. However, this post treatment response only lasts up to 2 days. With subsequent, repeated treatments you will build the long lasting result as more collagen is produced. Full results are seen 3-4 months after a course of 6 treatments. Results can last 1-2 years depending upon your lifestyle, but you can maintain your results with a top-up treatment every 3-6 months.

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Amazing treatment each time i go. Lou is so kind and very proffesional at what she does. Every time i visit i receive first class treatment. i would recommend anyone wanting treatments should only go there,you are in safe hands.



July 2023

I have been coming to Cosmex for several years now. I would not go anywhere else. Lou is very knowledgeable, professional and always makes me feel relaxed before and during treatments. Super happy with the results.



March 2023

I will be booking both treatments Samantha and I discussed and I hope to be purchasing the skin care next week. Samantha was brilliant and I can’t wait to see the results. My mum is considering some treatments too!



December 2021

Frequently Asked Questions.

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EndyMed TM skin tightening (RF) shouldn’t be painful. The treatment it self feels a little like a hot ultrasound. You will be asked to let your practitioner know if it feels too hot. Fractional Skin Resurfacing FSR requires topical anaesthetic to numb the skin, as this wears off many people describe their skin feeling hot, this is temporary and will settle within 24 hours.

This depends on the areas being treated and the type of treatment you are having. Radio frequency takes on average 6-8 minutes per area. Fractional resurfacing you will be in the clinic longer as we will want the local anaesthetic on for 30-60 minutes prior to the procedure. If your treatment involves both RF and FSR then obviously this time will be increased.

With RF there is virtually no down time. FSR has a longer down time with skin typically red for approximately 24 hours and then the appearance of dry, sandpaper like skin on day 3 or 4.

Skin tightening gives many people an instant result, however with the earlier treatments this is very short lived. Your ultimate results will be achieved around about 12 weeks after your last treatment. FSR many see improvement in the quality of their skin after the first treatment. For the best results a course of treatments is recommended.

Providing you stay on top of your treatments maintenance will be a single stand alone treatment rather than a full course. The interval that you will require a maintenance will vary depending on many factors for example age, general health and skin health.

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