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UK Vein Clinic now work within Cosmex Clinic to offer treatment of a wide range of vascular issues including the removal of varicose veins.  See more here.

On overview on Thread & Spider Vein

Thread veins associated with Rosacea or working outside, exposed to the elements often appear as a network of very fine veins, typically less than 0.3mm in diameter and very close to the surface. At the other end of the scale of veins that Cosmex will treat, are individual thread or spider veins up to a maximum of 2mm diameter. 

During your consultation we would assess your needs and discuss with you the most suitable treatment plan. Please note that varicous veins which tend to have a rope like appearance, most frequently on the lower legs are outside the scope of what we can treat although we will be happy to discuss your options and where appropriate refer you to the appropriate vascular surgeon.

Thread vein removal when the veins are fewer and up to 2mm diameter

Spectra Vein is a new generation specialist laser that has all the advantages of laser or Thermavein(TM) treatment of thread veins but without many of the disadvantages.

It represents a major step forward in the treatment of thread veins that is fast and generally well tolerated. It is also totally non invasive with far fewer risks than with the other earlier treatments mentioned. The treatments are permanent although if you are predisposed towards developing thread veins it is likely that more will develop in the future.

The Spectra Vein uses an ultra fine beam of a specially selected wavelength of infra red light that is absorbed preferentially by the blood in the target vein. Fine veins can usually be treated in one session and the finer veins will often appear to disappear immediately.

Larger veins will turn a deeper red and be absorbed by your body over the next few weeks.

Thread vein removal when the veins appear as a network(mat) of fine veins.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

IPL works very well when treating fine vascular networks or matting.  This type of vascular matting is often associated with certain types of Rosacea and outdoor working.  The veins in these situation are typically very fine and numerous.  The advantage of IPL is that its large head can easily treat many fine veins in a single pulse, which would be impractical using the Spectra Vein above.

What our customers say about us.

I was made to feel very welcome from the moment I stepped into the Clinic. The whole experience was very professional from start to finish.Everything was explained and any concerns I felt were addressed. I came away feeling I had been given honest advice on the expectations of my treatment outcome. I will definitely be booking up my next treatment and would highly recommend Cosmex Clinic services from what I have experienced so far.


July 2023

Always such a consistently welcoming environment and a genuine pleasure to see the lovely Lou and the delectable Diana. Lou’s depth of knowledge, especially when you embark upon a more extensive treatment, promises an authentic and honest consultation, which is vital. I always feel that I am in the very best hands and spring out of the clinic feeling younger, healthier and happier.



July 2023

Treatments are always excellent. Lou is always so professional and thorough. I would not go anywhere else.




Frequently Asked Questions.

If there’s something we’ve missed, please contact us.

The simple answer is yes we can successfully treat thread veins up to 2mm diameter.

Veins less than 0.5mm diameter can normally be treated in one session.  Larger veins may require a second or third treatment.

The treated veins will not come back but if you have previously had thread veins is it likely that other new thread veins will appear in time.

Spectra vein – Typically there is some discomfort but because the beam is so fine and the discomfort so localised, most patients find it to be easily tolerated.

IPL – When treating small diameter veins less than 0.3mm the treatment head cooling can easily cool the skin surface making the treatment relatively comfortable.  As the size of teh vein increases the discomfort would increase but that would be a different situation and we would use the Spectra vein.

IPL is our preferred treatment for telangiectasia matting, a network of very fine veins that appear like a mat of veins.  This is because the energy required is relatively low and the large head of the IPL enables whole sections to be treated in one pulse.

However as the size of the veins increases the amount of energy needed for an effective treatment also increases.   In this situation when treating  individual veins an IPL machine is very wasteful and deposits a large amount of energy (heat) into the skin that just heats healthy skin and will contribute to the bulk heating of the skin.  This makes the treatment both more uncomfortable and ultimately limits the size of vein that can be treated.

The Spectra Vein is unlike any previous laser vein removal treatment; both far more focussed and comfortable.

The wavelength used by the Spectra Vein at 980nm is absorbed twice as efficiently by haemoglobin compared to light at 1064nm, therefore the same effect can be achieved with half the energy.  This equals a more comfortable treatment and less risk of complications such as pigment changes.

The fine beam of the Spectra Vein also keeps the treatment very focused and further reduces the bulk heating effect.

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