Sun Damage.

The image left has been teken using UV light - it reveals the effects of sun damage inside the skin.

What the sun can do to you...

Sun damage to our skin started during the very first days when we are playing in the sun. This damage continues to accumulate and typically is damage begins to show up from the age of 35 onwards. Without protection from the sun’s rays, just a few minutes of exposure each day over the years can cause noticeable sun damage and eventually also visible changes to the skin. Freckles, age spots, spider veins on the face, rough and leathery skin, fine wrinkles, loose skin, a blotchy complexion, and skin cancer can all be traced to sun exposure. For further information on each of these please click on the links below:

Full Face Skin Analysis.

At Cosmex we use only the most advanced CE approved skin imaging technology to scan both the surface and interior of your skin. Through a combination of different types of light and artificial intelligence we are able to examine the skin layers not visible to the naked eye.

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Always a friendly welcome and a totally professional service. I had Botox and hardly felt I was having anything done! It was all wonderful, as always and would strongly recommend Cosmex to all my friends. Its 5 stars from me every time.



January 2021

Only initial consultation, which I found very informative, so I can’t rate the treatments as yet.



August 2023

Very professional from start to finish. Clearly explanation of the treatment. Highly recommend Cosmex. Looking forward to my next treatment. Thank you Lou and team xx



September 2023

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