3DEEP® Fractional Skin Resurfacing (FSR).

Minimal downtime, minimal discomfort.

Endymed™ Fractional Skin Resurfacing.

For many people today, their major skin appearance concern is that of ageing skin. There are a variety of ways to treat ageing skin with medical procedures from full laser resurfacing to non-ablative treatments to deep peeling. One treatment that is growing in popularity is fractional skin resurfacing – which treats a fraction of the skin’s surface so that there are reservoirs of healing tissue left to promote rapid healing and reduce downtime.

How it works.

1. Fractional effect on the epidermis

2. Full volume of deep dermal heating

Simultaneous fractional micro-ablation of the epidermal layer and deep dermal volumetric heating.

3DEEP® FSR – 3DEEP Fractional Skin Resurfacing provides a smoother and brighter skin surface (epidermis). Simultaneously, volumetric deep dermal heating reaches the collagen fibres causing an immediate and long term tightening effect. 3DEEP Fractional Skin Resurfacing effectively treats the epidermal and dermal skin layers for an optimal result.

3DEEP® advantage – Treating all skin layers for effective results.

Fractional ablation is applied to the skin for a smoother, brighter skin surface (stratum corneum and epidermis) and reduction of hyperpigmentation (epidermis). Simultaneously, volumetric deep dermal heating is applied to the collagen fibers causing an immediate and long term skin tightening. This combined treatment effectively treats all skin layers for an optimal result.

3DEEP® FSR – A new era in multi-layer therapy.

Now with the EndyMed’s 3DEEP fractional resurfacing treatment it is possible to achieve a good epidermal effect together with deep dermal volumetric heating for anti-wrinkle effects. EndyMed’s FSR (fractional skin resurfacing) treatment simultaneously performs micro-fractional ablation on the epidermal layer and deep dermal heating in one pulse.

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A lovely clinic with very supportive and professional people. I would highly recommend Ewelina, she made me feel at ease and did an excellent job.



August 2022

always mad to feel welcome and every eventuality explained. Lou is just the most wonderful lady



September 2022

I feel completely safe in Lou’s very capable hands.



June 2023

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