Endymed Intensif

Award-Winning Endymed Intensif experts in Cambridgeshire led by Lou Sommereux.

Rejuvenate every layer from the inside out with Endymed Intensif – the ultimate 3DEEP Skin Science treatment for ageing, scarred and sun-damaged skin.

Suffering from deep lines and wrinkles? Does your skin look lax, saggy, dull or tired? Tighten, lift and improve your tone and texture with a treatment which targets every aspect of facial rejuvenation.

By combining advanced radiofrequency energy with micro needling to heat deep within the tissue, this clinically-proven process encourages the natural creation of collagen as part of a wound-healing response – renewing and reinvigorating your skin from deep inside right up to the surface.

An intensive, FDA-approved way to restore the vitality and radiance of any skin type – for natural, long-lasting results.

Do you have any areas of your face that cause you worry or concern?  To find out more, or to speak to one of our specialists, We offer face to face, video, and phone initial consultations for your convenience, these are bookable online or telephone.

The Endymed Intensif treatment functions in three ways

Reduce – Whether you have wrinkles, enlarged pores, or acne scars, the EndyMed Intensif treatment works quickly to reduce these unwanted skin blemishes.

Rejuvenate – By encouraging the skin’s natural healing properties, collagen and elastin will begin to form which will rejuvenate your face and neck for a younger appearance.

Remodel – The combination of reducing and rejuvenating the skin on your face and neck will actively remodel your appearance to one of youth and vibrancy

What our customers say about us.

Would just like to say all the staff at Cosmex are wonderful. So professional, highly skilled at what they do and they take time to listen to you! Look forward to seeing you all again soon many thanks 😊



March 2021

Lou explained everything to me, as always so no stress. Delighted with my treatments. Always a warm welcome when you come to the Clinic. Would recommend , you wont be disappointed.



July 2023

Lou knows more than anyone about available procedures. She is warm, supportive, intelligent and operates at the highest standards- she creates them- I have been very lucky to have worked with Lou for many years. She is not anti-ageing, she is pro joy!



December 2021

Frequently Asked Questions.

If there’s something we’ve missed, please contact us.

Your skin will look red immediately post-procedure – much like
moderate sun burn – but this will resolve within a day.
Your skin may also feel hot after the treatment, but this feeling will
stop within 3-4 hours.

Unfortunately not, the safety of the unborn child is always
paramount, and while there is no evidence that this treatment
course could cause harm, we would always recommend caution
and not perform the treatment.

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