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What is Profhilo?

Profhilo is a hyaluronic-acid-based, gel-like formula that attracts water to the skin’s surface. Typically hyaluronic acid can absorb 1000% of its volume in water and rather than staying where it is injected, it is designed to spread beneath the skin. This means, it works throughout tissues to lift, hydrate and re-contour the skin. Unlike standard fillers it is more ductile and tends to mould to the underlying shape, resulting in a softer more natural increase in volume.

Immediately after treatment you may experience slight swelling at the injection sites however, this disappears within 24 hours.

What results can you expect?

Profhilo leaves your skin looking instantly tighter, and a month later, following a second treatment, new collagen and elastin will become apparent. It will reduce signs of aging by hydrating, rejuvenating, and lifting the skin. Profhilo employs a technique called ‘bioremodelling’ (which refers to its ability to tackle skin laxity), making it a powerful, pioneering anti-ageing treatment. Many describe it as ‘remodelling your skin in just 5 minutes.’

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What our customers say about us.

I have felt well-supported with my treatments and have definitely felt the benefits from them. Everything has been explained clearly and made as easy and straightforward as possible. I have confidence in the skill and expertise of the practitioners.



September 2022

It was lovely to meet Lou; she is very knowledgeable and explained everything to me so I do feel that I’m in very capable hands 😊



March 2023

Always totally professional and all procedures are fully explained in detail beforehand. Would t go anywhere else



June 2023

Frequently Asked Questions.

If there’s something we’ve missed, please contact us.

Profhilo is priced from £360.00 per session, typically we recommend two sessions a month apart. Cosmex Clinic also offers a package deal of initial treatment and two maintenance treatments (typically after 3-6 months).

Profhilio is clinically evidenced with a high safety profile.

As with all injections, there is some slight discomfort, unlike dermal fillers, Profhilo doesn’t contain any lidocaine (Anaesthetic).

Profhilio stimulates an increase of collagen cells, to see the full effect of this can take 2-3 months. We are increasing the number of collagen cells that have a natural life cycle which is approximately 2-3 months, depending, on age, skin quality, and lifestyle. We recommend a maintenance appointment anywhere between 3 and 6 months.

Your consultation can take place virtually or face to face. Prior to your consultation, you will be sent a medical screening, this will be assessed by your aesthetic nurse for suitability as there may be an underlying condition that is contraindicated for Profhilo. Together your aims and goals will be assessed and realistic expectations discussed. A treatment plan will be written and shared with you within the consultation. Our treatments are focused on the face as a whole and not on individual concerns, this enables us to fully explain treatment product choice and pre & aftercare. Treatment information will be sent and time for reflection will be given. Our consultations are complimentary, we do however ask for a booking fee to secure your appointment that is redeemable against any treatment.

Initially there may be some redness and minimal swelling as with any injection-related treatment, we will guide you on aftercare. At each injection site, there may be a transient reaction such as a small red bump, this is very temporary and short-lived.  We listen to your concerns to achieve your treatment plan objectives, however, this may require more than one visit to the clinic. You will be offered a virtual review two weeks following treatment.



Cosmex Clinic can use Profhilo to treat most areas of the face, forehead, neck, decolletage, hands, arms, feet, and knees. However, we do not treat frown lines as this is a high-risk area for serious complications.

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