BodyTyte can take some of the effort out of staying fit and toned.

How does BodyTyte Take the Strain?

BodyTyte will help to condition and build your muscle non-invasively.

BodyTyte works by delivering a series of EM (electromagnetic) pulses. Our muscles are activated by tiny electrical currents and these EM pulses outside the body and not in direct contact with it, will cause your muscles in the treatment area to contract.

In a single session the targeted muscles will contract many hundred times to give them an effective workout as you relax on the couch.

Type A applicator for arms and legs
Type B applicator for abdomen and glutes

Most major muscle groups can be targeted including:

Working the muscles in this way will keep them in top condition and repeated treatments will help to strengthen and build the targeted muscles.

Trials on this type of treatment can increase muscle mass by up to 16%.

And since an increase in muscle means that we burn more energy when at rest, it can also lead to a reduction in fat of up to 19%.

The BodyTyte machine has four applicator and can treat up to 4 muscle groups at the same time.

* NOTE:  for both treatments – they are a form of exercise and as such best results are achieved with treatments spaced far enough apart to allow for recovery but close to encourage maximum muscle build and strengthening.  Typically this will be in the region of 3 days  – probably not closer but could be up to 1 week apart, especially when the patient is unfit and or older.

A normal course is 6 treatments, 2 -7 days apart


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What our customers say about us.

I would trust Lou implicitly and am always open to suggestions as I believe she is the most knowledgeable aesthetician in the U.K. always ahead of the curve with new technologies but only the ones she actually believes work.

Lynda Howarth

March 2023

Always a first class experience when visiting Cosmex Clinic. Professional all the way. I wouldn’t go anywhere else even if I moved away from the area. I’m 65 years old and thanks to Lou I’m holding my own in the younger look!


July 2023

What a fantastic place! Beautiful setting close to the centre. The service is exemplary. I had the pleasure of meeting the owner. She’s a top professional, well informed and careful about suggesting different solutions. I wish I lived here, I’d only come here! Thank you 😊


June 2023

Frequently Asked Questions.

If there’s something we’ve missed, please contact us.

BodyTyte treatments are comfortable treatments. You will feel your muscles contracting and the applicator will become warm but at no time should it be painful.

Much will depend upon your level of fitness. If you are fit and exercise regularly it will be just another but different workout. If the treatment is at an intense level it will feel like you have had an intense workout.

If you do not exercise regularly, you may well feel your muscles are a little stiff and possibly even a little tender. However, with more treatments/exercise this effect will become less pronounced.

We provide the treatments in blocks of 6. This should be sufficient to tone the muscles in the treatment zone and pull the area into shape. Further treatments closely spaced will lead to a further strengthening of the muscle and muscle building.

The maximum is four. For example your gluts on both sides and both hamstrings.

Ideally for optimum effect these should be about 3 days apart. This will provide optimum muscle building while allowing sufficient recovery time between sessions.

Regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight with importantly a body fat percentage in the healthy range are two great attributes to give you the best chance of a long and healthy life.

Consider these treatments to be a kick start and an aid to maintaining the above.

If you are doing no exercise we would recommend up to one treatment a week. But to be honest we would rather hope that you would use this as a supplement to exercise, with treatments at longer intervals or in bursts when required.

Regular treatments 3 days apart will help build muscle and for each pound of muscle gained you will consume an extra 50 calories a day if you do nothing else. That is equivalent to 5 pounds of weight loss /year.

Anything that gives you rewards for little effort can in a way become addictive. We rather hope that BodyTyte will empower you to take control of your life.

Good Luck – Live long and prosper!

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