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NAD+ has been hailed as ‘the anti-ageing molecule’, ‘the fountain of youth’, and ‘the golden nucleotide’ but what is NAD+ and why should you want to boost your NAD+ levels?

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NAD+ is critical for cellular health

NAD+ stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and it is a natural molecule found within every cell of the body. It is a coenzyme and is estimated to be involved in over 500 chemical reactions in your cells. Put plainly, without NAD+ we would be dead in 30 seconds.

That’s because NAD+ powers many vital reactions which regulate cellular health. Two of the most important roles are:

Energy Production
NAD+ is an essential part of metabolism (the reactions that turns food into the energy that cells need to maintain their vital functions).

These metabolic reactions take place in the mitochondria which are the energy powerhouses of cells. Therefore, any drop in NAD+ will mean these mitochondria powerhouses won’t function as efficiently and there will be a decline in cellular energy.

Cellular Health
NAD+ also acts as a signal to switch on maintenance and repair pathways, including DNA repair. Just existing can be damaging to our cells so maintaining these repair mechanisms as we age is vital.

NAD+ does this by activating a group of proteins called “sirtuins”. Known as the “longevity genes”, the sirtuins are increasingly recognised as crucial to ageing well. In fact, these proteins are nicknamed the “guardians of the genome” because of the key role they play in maintaining cellular health and supporting healthy ageing. However, these proteins are entirely dependent on NAD+ for their activation. In other words, sirtuins do not work without NAD+.

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