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As members of the National Medical Weight Loss Programme (NMWLP), we recognise and accept the difficulties many people experience regarding their weight management and importantly how demoralising and depressing apparent failure can be.

We fully endorse the basic truth that a balanced diet based upon natural whole foods and served in sensible portions is important for good health and weight control.   We are also advocates of regular exercise, the benefits of which are proven beyond doubt.

However, we also accept that there is a weight gain epidemic that is affecting the whole of the developed world.   Much of this is due to factors outside our direct control and the NMWLP is designed to work in this hostile environment.

During your consultation you will be given much more information regarding how and why the programme works.

The Cornerstones Of The NMWLP

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Very knowledgeable and kind staff. I felt very relaxed about the procedure and totally trusted Lou to deliver the best results.



August 2022

Lou is extremely professional and very knowledgeable. I have every confidence that she would advise on the best treatment options



March 2023

I always enjoy my time at Cosmex. Everyone are really friendly and I feel 100 pc safe and satisfied.



December 2022

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