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Remove areas of stubborn fat

When you are struggling to lose those areas of stubborn fat and no amount of exercise or diet is helping?

An often heard cry from people managing their weight is that it is so disheartening to lose weight but find that it has not gone from the areas they most wanted to improve.  This is where body contouring can help.

These treatments do not directly produce any weight loss but can breakdown areas of stubborn fat.  Resulting in an improvement in body shape and a reward for the effort expended managing weight.

Although these are not directly weight management treatments we do use them as part of a weight management programme.

We recommend any weight management programme should hand the control of weight management back to the patient.   For instance Ozempic is an effective treatment for reducing weight by suppressing appetite but it does not train the patient’s mind.  There is therefore a risk that without self control, the weight will pile back on when the treatment stops.

Body Contouring treatments are an important part of weight management as they support the patient in what is for many an arduous journey.

Treatments we offer...

Cosmex is able to offer you two competing treatments Coolsculpt for fat freezing and Stratum Reveal that uses infrared light to breakdown the fat while the skin is cooled.  Both are effective treatments and each has their unique advantages.  We will be happy to discuss these with you during your consultation.

In both cases the fat cells are broken down without damage to surrounding tissue because fat cells are more vulnerable.  The cell material is then digested by the body’s immune system and expelled from the body.  While teh fats contained within the cells is released into the surrounding space.  Over the next 6-8 weeks this is also removed from the treated area, thereby improving the patient’s shape and reducing the ablity of fat to accumulate in this area in the future.  However, contrary to  what many salespeople might tell you the fat is not removed from the body.  It enters the blood stream slowly and is used for energy if you are dieting or exercising.   If not it will be redeposited elsewhere in the body but not in the treated volume as those fat cells have been destroyed.

A further integral part of both weight management and body contouring is ongoing monitoring of your body composition.  It is vital that you the patient are aware of the effects diet and treatments are having on your body and the Inbody Body Composition machine gives excellent insight.  It shows what is working and what is not.

Body Composition Analysis

BMI is widely used as a convenient indicator of a healthy weight range.  It is also generally accepted that it has its limitations and will produce incorrect results for muscular people and at the other end of the scale TOFIs (Thin on the Outside, Fat on the Inside), people who have too little muscle.

Fat Freezing & Coolscuplt

Is the leading brand for body contouring.  Proven to be effective many times over.

Stratum Reveal

Is a body contouring treatment that is particularly useful when you have a thinner layer for fat, or want to treat multiple areas in a single treatment.

No non surgical body sculpting /contouring treatment will directly cause you to lose weight.  However, when used in conjunction with a weight loss programme it can help to ensure you lose the weight, from the areas you choose.

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Treatments are always excellent. Lou is always so professional and thorough. I would not go anywhere else.



August 2023

Lovely Lou, as always, explained my procedure to me in full, answering any concerns that I had. Would recommend Cosmex to all my friends. Great service, thank you



January 2023

Another fantastic treatment with lou. Such a nice person and so proffesional at what she does. I always leave feeling the treatment i have had has been done by a true proffesional.



December 2022

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