Ageing Prevention Overview

Ageing Longer

Our attitude to ageing can vary depending upon circumstances.  In the middle of a war zone when you never know which moment will be your last many people will choose to live in the present and worry about tomorrow when it comes.

In the UK for the last 70+ years it has been a land of relative plenty.  For the vast majority of people there has been easy access to food, labour saving devices and mechanised transport.  During the same period medicine has advanced leaps and bounds, enabling many people to survive or be protected from previously fatal illness.  This has all helped to increase life expectancy.

Unfortunately, some of these benefits have had a negative effect upon our lives and corporate self interest has imposed a diet on us that is simply unhealthy.  The result of this is a plateauing of the increase in life expectancy in recent years and an increased gap between our healthy life span and our life expectancy.  This gap is currently around 16years which is a long time to live with ill health such as type 2 diabetes, or heart disease.

The other problem of living longer is that the elements continue to age us from the outside.  When in 1900 the average life expectancy was around 50 that was not such a big problem but with life expectancy for people born this century approaching double that, it now is.  Protection and early intervention are essential if we do not wish to appear old for 1/2 our lives.

Ageing Better

In the last decade or so ageing has started to be seen as maleable.  A great deal of funding is going into extending life. Currently the big breakthroughs in this still seem some way off but what is more achievable is to close the gap between healthy life span and life expectancy.

Two of the most effective and proven ways to increase healthy life span are, regular exercise and ensuring we maintain a healthy weight throughout our lives.   Both of these measures not only increase our healthy life span, they also help to optimise our life expectancy.

However, there are also other preventative and early intervention measures / treatments that can help to improve the ageing process.   The Baby Boomers are probably the most unfortunate group for extrinsic aging.  (Ageing caused by external factors)

They were the first cohort to enmasse take annual holidays in the south or Europe.  Typically protected by factor 2 or 4 suntan lotion (note: It was typically SUNTAN lotion – not sun protection) or even olive oil.  The result some 40-50 years later is extensive skin ageing, especially in fair skin, age spots and a massive increase in skin cancer.

That lesson was learnt by most people some time ago and now it is not unusual to see a woman in her 40s who could easily convince people she was well under 30.  Some of this will be genetic and increasingly much of it will be due to preventative and early intervention treatments.

The 1950s were blessed by the end of rationing and soon after cursed by demonisation of fat in favour of sugar.

And it is only in recent years that science has conclusively decided that sugar is the real demon and has led directly to ever increasing rates of obesity around the world but particularly in north america and northern europe.

Your Journey

Elsewhere we talk about “Your Clinic Journey”  but we are all living a far more important journey and unfortunately there are no rehearsals or rewind.

By massively increasing our life expectancy, science has created a problem.  We should look at it as a good problem to have but it is a problem:

As a result of the above the NHS is in retreat.  It has virtually stopped treating milder chronic illnesses and still waiting times keep increasing. e.g. It is virtually impossible to have thread veins treated and varicose veins are only treated if they threaten the patient’s health.  Ulgy bulging veins on the legs are not by themselves seen as requiring NHS treatment.

More than at any time since 1948 we have to take responsibility for our own health and that is where Cosmex fits in.  Although there has been a change in approach in recent years the NHS still primarily treats the sick.

In contrast the Cosmex approach is prevention and early intervention, with the intention of enabling you to live your best life at all times but without premature ageing.

If you are new to aesthetic and welling being interventions a good place to start is with our Minimally Invasive Preventative Treatments on the right.

Minimally invasive preventative treatments.

Within this section we have pulled together the range of interventions that can be used as preventative/ early intervention treatments on the basis of a stitch in time saves nine.

Hydrofacial (Age 18+)

Hydrofacials are great for deep cleaning the skin to remove dead cells , excess sebum from pores and kill acne bacteria.   The best and easiest way to avoid acne scarring is to control the acne.

Hydrofacials also remove sub 2.5um pollutants ( e.g. emmisions  from diesel engines) from the skin, which can burrow into the skin, breakdown DNA and cause premature laxity and age spots.  Clinical evidence states that the skin of people who live in cities ages 10% faster than country dwellers.

LED light therapy (Age 18+)

If you are prone to acne breakouts blue light at shorter wavelengths around 415nm is effective for eliminating acne bacteria.

Red light LED therapy boosts the natural regenerative properties of skin by up to 70%.  This can improve skin tone and reduce pigmentation over a course of treatment.

Polynucleotides (Age 30+)

Polynucleotides have been used in medicine for over 30 years and are now finding their way into aesthetics.  They provide deep hydration, aid in scar reduction and tackle a multitude of textural skin issues.

IPL light facials(Age 30+)

A study led by Dr Patrick Bitter at Stanford University – assessed a group of women average age 46 – then over the next 10 years they had 2 to 4 IPL treatments / year – when assessed after, they had not aged a day.

In Body Composition analysis

Maintaining a healthy weight is a vital factor in ageing well.  What the In Body analysis provides is an insight into your body composition.  This is especially important when trying to reduce weight through diet in order to minimise muscle loss.

NAD (Age 40+)

NAD is essential to cell health and adding it as an anti-ageing supplement that has been shown to slow biological ageing.

Cosmex signature topicals (Age as recommended)

The Cosmex topical products have been produced to the hightest clinical standards, backed by clinical evidence and 100% vegan.  They have also been developed without harm to animals and are 100% recycleable.

Blood Analysis

We have introduced a range of blood tests that will give results on up to 150 blood markers.  From these we will provide personalised analysis, advice and treatment where appropriate.

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I have been coming to Cosmex for several years now. I would not go anywhere else. Lou is very knowledgeable, professional and always makes me feel relaxed before and during treatments. Super happy with the results.


April 2023

Awesome service, really happy with the knowledge and advice, will continue my treatment with cosmex 😜 coz I’m beautiful again thanks to Lou 😘


May 2023

Very professional clinic. The staff are excellent and Lou is friendly and really listens to what you want to achieve. The treatment was first rate and I would recommend this clinic as excellent.


March 2023

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