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Subtle change with big impact.

It is incredible, how a change as subtle as filling tear troughs transformed this patient’s face. Making it fresher, more vibrant and even more assured and confident.

However, it is important patients are aware that this is one of the more difficult and unforgiving areas to treat. Treating tear troughs to this standard safely requires skill, knowledge and lots of experience.

Fortunately at Cosmex clinic we have the requisite skills, knowledge and experience. Tear Trough filling is one of the most demanding and risky areas to treat and many injectors simply do not know what they don’t know. At Cosmex Clinic Lou our Clinical Director has more experience with dermal filler injecting than virtually anyone and an impeccable safety record. She is also a manufacturer’s trainer for tear trough correction, which is exactly what you need when considering tear trough filling.

We also ONLY use products licensed for filling tear troughs.

What our customers say about us.

Lou is extremely professional and very knowledgeable. I have every confidence that she would advise on the best treatment options



March 2023

Lou was absolutely lovely. I was extremely nervous having had a complication and not being happy with a procedure carried out elsewhere. Lou put me at ease instantly and I am so happy with the results, I feel so much more confident and I’m so grateful to have found the clinic.



November 2022

I have been coming to Cosmex for several years now. I would not go anywhere else. Lou is very knowledgeable, professional and always makes me feel relaxed before and during treatments. Super happy with the results.



March 2023

Frequently Asked Questions.

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As we age subtle changes to our face include bone reabsorption, loss of collagen in the skin resulting in thinner skin with less elasticity and the fat pads around the eayes can change shape.  The combined effect of these very modest changes can in some people result in a aging gaunt, tired appearance.

This can occur in some people at a relatively young age and as the example above shows the correction of loss of volume in the tear troughs can be life enhancing.

In the right hands yes but of all the treatments in aesthetics tear trough filling is one of the most demanding and it is frankly shocking how unregulated this treatment is.

To be safe the injector does need to be medically trained and have an excellent knowledge of the anatomy of the face.  Lou our Clinical Director has had extensive training in the anatomy of the face including detailed dissection of cadavers.   By far the best way to gain a detailed 3 dimensional understanding of the anatomy.

It varies depending upon how fast your body metabolises the filler but typically in the region on 12 months.

Yes in the unlikely event of an error this can be corrected. A more likely outcome is that a little fine tuning might be required and we can do this too.

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