Stratum Reveal Body Contouring.

Fast, effective alternative to Coolsculpt body sculpting and contouring

What is Stratum reveal body contouring treatment?

The areas of your body to be treated are cleaned and the applicators strapped into place.  Stratum Reveal uses infrared light shining through cooled sapphire windows to breakdown you fat while the cooled sapphire windows keep your skin cool and unharmed.  For a more details description – see “How does Stratum Reveal work” below.

You will have full control over the intensity of the treatment and be able to ensure it remains within your acceptable comfort zone throughout.

The machine cycle is usually 25 minutes and after the applicators are removed that is the end of that treatment.  No massaging of your treated area is needed.

Your treated area will feel softer than normal and may be a little tender when pressed but this sensation will fade in a day or two and the treated area will firm up over the following weeks as the released fat is removed.  We normally recommend a course of three treatments 4 -6 weeks apart.

How does the stratum reveal work?

The Stratum Reveal has 4 independently controlled applicators and each one has a cooled 80mm x 40mm sapphire window and a relatively low energy 1060nm infrared laser.  The applicators are attached to your area or areas to be treated and once attached the treatment cycle begins.

You will initially feel the applicators are starting to feel colder.  Then after around 30 seconds the lasers will switch on.  These are relatively low power lasers that will shine onto the treatment area and the infrared light will penetrate  to around 2.5 to 3cm.  The treatment area will start to feel less cold.  The cooling stays constant throughout the treatment cycle but the lasers switch on for a few seconds then off for a few seconds.  At the start of the cycle the laser on/off ratio is adjusted to steadily heat the treatment area until the maximum surface temperature of 42C is reached.

This is the skin temperature and is consistent with the temperature normally used for radio frequency (RF) skin tightening and like RF it will produce a short term 1 – 2 week tightening of the skin as a by product of the treatment.

However, deeper into the insulated fat layer higher temperatures are reached which causes the fat cells to breakdown and release the fat they contain.  The fat cell material is then removed by the body and the fat either used for energy or redistributed.  Ideally you will also losing weight at the same time.  If not,  typically 23% of the fat cells in the treated area will have been broken down and the fat released will be reabsorbed in other nontreated areas to enhance the body contours.

The complete treatment cycle takes typically 25 minutes and no preparation or post treatment massaging of the treated area is necessary.

Treatment Programs One Applicator One cycle One or two Applicators Up to two cycles Three of Four Applicators one Cycle
Single Treatment
Price for course of 3 Treatments
Additional single treatments

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August 2023

Always a friendly welcome and a totally professional service. I had Botox and hardly felt I was having anything done! It was all wonderful, as always and would strongly recommend Cosmex to all my friends. Its 5 stars from me every time.



January 2022

Wonderful Hydra Medi facial. Skin is really glowing and feels super clean. Thankyou



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Frequently Asked Questions.

If there’s something we’ve missed, please contact us.

Although the skin is cooled the infrared laser does heat the skin, typically to a maximum of 42C which is similar to an RF treatment and not generally considered painful.  The operator will ensure you are comfortable at all times and as an extra safeguard you will be provided with a kill switch that will stop the treatment immediately.

Up to 4 separate areas can be treated in the same cycle and due to the individual control on each applicator they can each be optimised for comfort and effective treatment.

The fat stored in fat cells (triglycerides) is broken down into fatty acids and glycerol by temperatures as low as 42- 47C .  These are then released into the intercellular space.  The remaining part of the cell goes in to programmed cell death and is then removed by your body’s immune system.

In comparison standard cells can withstand temperatures of up to around 60C and are not affected.

Yes as a result of the skin surface cooling all skin colours can be treated.

The main post treatment effect will be a degree of tenderness in the treated area.  This will last for between 1 to 3 days.

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