Replaceable but Indespensable

When Diana our Clinic Manager confirmed in September 2022 she was returning to South Africa for personal reasons, we were very pleased to discuss with her, her suggestion that she could continue to work with Cosmex Clinic remotely.

Obviously, we were losing her physical presence in the clinic where she was loved by both staff and patients.  But by being flexible we were retaining the benefit of her knowledge and experience of the clinic, our products, services, and most of all Diana’s excellent interpersonal skills.

The application of modern technology ensures many of the customer interactions with the clinic can now be seamlessly dealt with thousands of miles away in South Africa.  As many people are finding, the advent of cloud-based systems and low cost VOIP (telephone calls using the internet), is enabling them to work from literally anywhere.  We are very pleased that during the first 4 months of operation the interface has been very solid, enabling Diana to dealt with patient website, e-mail and telephone enquiries; including the taking of payments and making/amending appointments.

Most of all, we have retained much of Diana’s effervescent personality at the primary and initial interface with our patients.  This has both provided continuity and added an element of intrigue.

The image right is of Lou our Clinic Director and Diana reunited at Diana’s home in Swellendam South Africa, during Lou’s visit in January 2023.

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